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       aka W H Allan, David Axton, Brian Coffey, Deanna Dwyer, K R Dwyer, John Hill, Leigh Nichols, Anthony North, Richard Paige, Owen West, Aaron Wolfe.

        Acknowledged as "America's most popular suspense novelist"(Rolling Stone ) and as one of today's most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.

        Dean Koontz lives with his wife, Gerda, and their dog, Trixie, in southern California.


Tucker (as by Brian Coffey)

Blood Risk (1974)

Surrounded (1974)

The Wall of Masks (1975)

Santa's Twin

Santa's Twin (1996) Download

Robot Santa: The Further Adventures of Santa's Twin (2004)

Moonlight Bay

Fear Nothing (1997)

Seize the Night (1998)

Odd Thomas

Odd Thomas (2003)

Forever Odd (2005)

Brother Odd (2006)

Odd Hours (2008)

Odd Apocalypse (2012)

Deeply Odd (2013)

Saint Odd (2014)

In Odd We Trust (2008) (with Queenie Chan)

Odd Is on Our Side (2010) (with Fred Van Lente)

House of Odd (2012)

Odd Interlude

Odd Interlude Part One (2012)

Odd Interlude Part Two (2012)

Odd Interlude Part Three (2012)

Odd Interlude (2013)


Star Quest (1968)

The Fall of the Dream Machine (1969)

Fear That Man (1969)

Anti-man (1970)

Beastchild (1970)

The Dark Symphony (1970)

Hell's Gate (1970)

The Crimson Witch (1971)

Demon Child (1971) (as by Deanna Dwyer)

Legacy Of Terror (1971) (as by Deanna Dwyer)

Children of the Storm (1972) (as by Deanna Dwyer)

Dance With The Devil (1972) (as by Deanna Dwyer)

The Dark Of Summer (1972) (as by Deanna Dwyer)

The Flesh in the Furnace (1972)

Starblood (1972)

Warlock (1972)

A Darkness in My Soul (1972)

Chase (1972) (as by K R Dwyer)

A Werewolf Among Us (1973)

Hanging on (1973)

Demon Seed (1973) Download

The Haunted Earth (1973)

Shattered (1973) (as by K R Dwyer)

After the Last Race (1974)

The Long Sleep (1975) (as by John Hill)

Nightmare Journey (1975)

Invasion (1975) (as by Aaron Wolfe)

Dragonfly (1975) (as by K R Dwyer)

Prisoner of Ice (1976) (as by David Axton) aka Icebound

Night Chills (1976) Download

The Vision (1977)

Time Thieves (1977)

The Face of Fear (1978) (as by K R Dwyer)

The Key to Midnight (1979) (as by Leigh Nichols)

The Voice of the Night (1980) (as by Brian Coffey)

Whispers (1980)

The Funhouse (1980) (as by Owen West)

The Eyes of Darkness (1981) (as by Leigh Nichols)

The Mask (1981) (as by Owen West) Download

The House of Thunder (1982) (as by Leigh Nichols)

Phantoms (1983)

Darkness Comes (1984) aka Darkfall

The Servants of Twilight (1985) (as by Leigh Nichols)

The Door to December (1985) (as by Richard Paige) Download

Twilight Eyes (1985)

Strangers (1986)

Shadow Fires (1987) (as by Leigh Nichols)

Watchers (1987) Download

Lightning (1988) Download

Oddkins (1988)

Midnight (1989)

The Bad Place (1990)

Cold Fire (1991) Download

Hideaway (1992)

Dragon Tears (1993)

Mr. Murder (1993)

Winter Moon (1993)

Dark Rivers of the Heart (1994)

Intensity (1995) Download

TickTock (1996) Download

Sole Survivor (1997) Download

False Memory (1998)

From the Corner of His Eye (2000) Download

One Door Away from Heaven (2001) Download

By the Light of the Moon (2002)

The Face (2003)

Life Expectancy (2004)

The Taking (2004)

Velocity (2005)

The Husband (2006)

The Good Guy (2007)

The Darkest Evening of the Year (2007)

Your Heart Belongs to Me (2008)

Relentless (2009)

Breathless (2009)

What the Night Knows (2010)

77 Shadow Street (2011)

Innocence (2013)

The City (2014)

Secret Forest (2015)


Strange Highways (1991) Download

The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse (poems) (2001)

The Book of Counted Sorrows (poems) (2003)

Every Day's a Holiday: Amusing Rhymes for Happy Times (poems) (2003)


Darkness Under the Sun (2010)

The Moonlit Mind (2011)

Wilderness (2013)

The Neighbor (2014)

Non fiction

Writing Popular Fiction (1972)

How to Write Best Selling Fiction (1981)

Beautiful Death: The Art of the Cemetery (1996)

Bliss to You: Trixie's Guide to a Happy Life (2008) (with Trixie Koontz)

A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog (2009)


Star Quest / Doom of the Green Planet (1968) (with Emil Petaja)

Dark of the Woods / Soft Come the Dragons (1970)

Three Complete Novels (1991)

Winter Moon / Icebound (1995)

Koontz II (1996)

House of Thunder / Cold Fire / Dragon Tears (1996)

Koontz III (1997)

Key to Midnight / Shattered / House of Thunder (1998)

Cold Fire / Key to Midnight / Hideaway (2000)

Dark Rivers of the Heart / Sole Survivor / Intensity (2001)

Dean Koontz 2-Book Thriller Collection (2015)

The Dean Koontz Halloween Collection (2015)

Series contributed to

Dean Koontz's Frankenstein

Prodigal Son (2005) (with Kevin J Anderson)

City of Night (2005) (with Ed Gorman)

Dead and Alive (2009)

Lost Souls (2010)

The Dead Town (2011)

The Frankenstein Series 5-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2012)

Short stories

Kittens (1966)

Beastchild [short story] (1970)

Dark of the Moon (1970)

Nightmare Gang (1970)

Soft Came the Dragons (1970)

Bruno (1971)

A Mouse in the Walls of the Global Village (1972)

Ollie's Hands (1972)

Time Thieves [short story] (1972)

The Undercity (1973)

Night of the Storm (1974)

We Three (1974)

The Black Pumpkin (1986)

Down in the Darkness (1986)

Snatcher (1986)

Snatcher (1986) part 2

Hardshell (1987)

Miss Attila the Hun (1987)

Twilight of the Dawn (1987)

Trapped [short story] (1989)

Strange Highways [short story] (1995)

The Scariest Thing I Know

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