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       David Foster Wallace has been called one of America's most important young authors and is often compared to Thomas Pynchon. He is most widely known for his epic (1000+ page) novel, Infinite Jest, published in 1996 and critically acclaimed by critics and readers alike. Topics covered in Wallace's work are wide ranging, but he seems to have a special interest in American culture, addictions, and excess.



The Broom of the System (1987)

Infinite Jest (1996) Download

The Pale King: An Unfinished Novel (2011)


Girl with Curious Hair (1988) Download

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (1999) Download

Oblivion: Stories (2004)

Poolside (2007) (with Alice Adams, Amy Bloom, John Cheever, Ernest Hemingway, A M Homes, Andrea Lee, Joyce Carol Oates, Edna O'Brien, Julie Orringer, James Purdy, Graham Swift, John Updike and Fay Weldon)

The David Foster Wallace Reader (2014)


The Soul is Not a Smithy (2014)

Non fiction

Signifying Rappers: Rap and Race in the Urban Present (1990) (with Mark Costello)

The Future of Fiction (1996)

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (1997)

Shiny Adidas Tracksuits and the Death of Camp: And Other Writings from Might Magazine (1998) (with Jess Mowry and Glasgow Phillips)

Up, Simba!: 7 Days On the Trail of an Anticandidate (2000)

Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity (2003)

Consider the Lobster: And Other Essays (2005)

The Best American Essays 2007 (2007)

McCain's Promise: Aboard the Straight Talk Express (2008)

This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life (2009)

Fate, Time, and Language (2010)

Getting Away from Already Being Pretty Much Away from It All (2012)

Both Flesh and Not (2012)

The Last Interview: And Other Conversations (2012)

Quack This Way (2013) (with Bryan A Garner)

David Foster Wallace on Tennis (2014)

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