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       David Eddings published his first novel, High Hunt, in 1973, before turning to the field of fantasy and The Belgariad, soon followed by The Malloreon. Born in Spokane, Washington, in 1931, and raised in the Puget Sound area north of Seattle, he received his bachelor of arts degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, in 1954, and a master of arts degree from the University of Washington in 1961. He has served in the United States Army, has worked as a buyer for the Boeing Company, and has also been a grocery clerk and a college English teacher.



Belgarath the Sorcerer (1995) (with Leigh Eddings)

Pawn of Prophecy (1982)

Queen of Sorcery (1982)

Magician's Gambit (1983)

Castle of Wizardry (1984)

Enchanters' End Game (1984)


Guardians of the West (1985)

King of the Murgos (1988)

Demon Lord of Karanda (1988)

The Sorceress of Darshiva (1989)

The Seeress of Kell (1991)

Malloreon (omnibus) (1992)

Polgara the Sorceress (1997) (with Leigh Eddings)


The Diamond Throne (1989) Download

The Ruby Knight (1990) Download

The Sapphire Rose (1991) Download


Domes of Fire (1992) Download

The Shining Ones (1993) Download

The Hidden City (1994) Download

Dreamers (with Leigh Eddings)

The Elder Gods (2003) Download

The Treasured One (2004) Download

The Crystal Gorge (2005)

The Younger Gods (2006)


High Hunt (1973) Download

The Losers (1992)

The Rivan Codex (1998) (with Leigh Eddings)

The Redemption of Althalus (2000) (with Leigh Eddings) Download

Regina's Song (2002) (with Leigh Eddings) Download

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