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       American novelist and screenwriter. Drew from his experiences as a detective to write "The Maltese Falcon" and "The Thin Man" stories.


The Sardonic Star of Tom Doody (1923) (with Peter Collinson (Dashiell Hammett))

Red Harvest (1929)

The Maltese Falcon (1930) Download

The Glass Key (1931) Download

The Dain Curse (1931) Download

Woman in the Dark (1933)

The Thin Man (1934) Download

They Can Only Hang You Once (1944)

The Creeping Siamese (1950)

Nightmare Town (1950)


The Novels of Dashiell Hammett (1927)

The Adventures of Sam Spade: And Other Stories (1944) Download

A Man Called Spade (1944)

The Continental Op (1945)

Hammett Homicides (1946)

Dead Yellow Women (1947)

The Four Great Novels (1982)

Complete Novels (1999)

Crime Stories: And Other Writings (2001)

Dashiell Hammett: A Retrospective Anthology (2004)

Vintage Hammett (2005)

Lost Stories (2005) (with Vince Emery and Joe Gores)

Big Knockover

The Gatewood Caper (1923)

The Scorched Face (1925)

Corkscrew (1925)

The Gutting of Couffignal (1925)

The Big Knockover (1927) aka $106,000 Blood Money

This King Business (1928)

Fly Paper (1929)

Continental Op

The Tenth Clew (1924)

The House on Turk Street (1924)

The Golden Horseshoe (1924)

The Whosis Kid (1925)

The Main Death (1927)

The Farewell Murder (1930)

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