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       Since his first published short story won the Rod Serling Memorial Award in the 1982 Twilight Zone Magazine Short Fiction contest, Dan Simmons has won some of the top awards in science fiction, horror, fantasy, and thriller genres, as well as honors for his mainstream fiction. He lives along the Front Range of Colorado, where he is currently at work on a new Joe Kurtz novel.



Ilium (2003) Download

Olympos (2005) Download


Hyperion (1989) Download

The Fall of Hyperion (1990)

Endymion (1996)

The Rise of Endymion (1997)

Orphan of the Helix (1999)

Summer of Night

Summer of Night (1991)

A Winter Haunting (2002)

Joe Kurtz

Hardcase (2001)

Hard Freeze (2002)

Hard as Nails (2003)


Song of Kali (1985)

Carrion Comfort (1989) Download

Phases of Gravity (1989)

Children of the Night (1992) Download

The Hollow Man (1992)

Fires of Eden (1994)

The Crook Factory (1999)

Darwin's Blade (2000)

The Terror (2007)

Muse of Fire (2008)

Drood (2009)

Black Hills (2010)

Flashback (2011)

The Abominable (2013)

Short stories

Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dreams (1982)

The River Styx Runs Upstream (1982)

Carrion Comfort [short story] (1983)

Remembering Siri (1983)

Vexed to Nightmare by a Rocking Cradle (1985)

E-Ticket to 'Namland (1987) Download

The Offering (1987)

Iverson's Pits (1988)

Metastasis (1988)

Two Minutes Forty-Five Seconds (1988)

Vanni Fucci is Alive and Well and Living in 'Hell' (1988)

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites (1989)

The Death of the Centaur (1990)

Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard (1990) (with Edward Bryant)

Entropy's Bed at Midnight [short story] (1990)

All Dracula's Children (1991)

The Fall of Hyperion (excerpt) (1991)

This Year's Class Picture (1992)

Death in Bangkok (1993)

Dying in Bangkok (1993)

Flashback [short story] (1993)

The Great Lover (1993)

Sleeping with Teeth Women (1993)

My Copsa Micas (1994)

Looking for Kelly Dahl (1995)


The Guiding Nose of Ulfant Banderoz (2012)

Non fiction

Going After The Rubber Chicken (1991)

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