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       Former US Air Force captain Dale Brown was born in Buffalo, New York. He was still serving in the US Air Force, where he was a navigator-bombardier, when he wrote his first thriller, Flight of the Old Dog.


Patrick McLanahan

Flight of the Old Dog (1987) Download

Day of the Cheetah (1989) Download

Sky Masters (1990) Download

Night of the Hawk (1992)

Shadows of Steel (1996) Download

Fatal Terrain (1997) Download

The Tin Man (1998) Download

Battle Born (1999) Download

Warrior Class (2001) Download

Wings of Fire (2002) Download

Air Battle Force (2003)

Plan of Attack (2004)

Strike Force (2007)

Shadow Command (2008)

Rogue Forces (2009)

Executive Intent (2010)

A Time for Patriots (2011)


Silver Tower (1988) Download

Hammerheads (1990)

Chains of Command (1993)

Storming Heaven (1994) Download

Dale Brown's Dreamland (with Jim DeFelice)

Dreamland (2001)

Nerve Center (2002)

Razor's Edge (2002)

Piranha (2003)

Strike Zone (2004) Download

Armageddon (2004)

Satan's Tail (2005)

End Game (2006)

Retribution (2007)

Revolution (2008)

Whiplash (2009)

Black Wolf (2010)

Raven Strike (2011)

Collateral Damage (2012)

Jason Richter

Act of War (2005)

Edge of Battle (2006)


Tiger's Claw (2012)

Short Stories

Leadership Material (2001) Download

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