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       Cornell Woolrich, along with Raymond Chandler and James M Cain, was one of the creators of the noir genre. He is the author of many seminal works including REAR WINDOW, the basis of the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece starring James Stewart and Grace Kelly.



Cover Charge (1926)

Children of the Ritz (1927)

Times Square (1929)

A Young Man's Heart (1930)

The Time of Her Life (1931)

Manhattan Love Song (1932)

The Bride Wore Black (1940) aka Beware the Lady

The Black Curtain (1941)

The Black Alibi (1942) Download

Phantom Lady (1942)

The Black Angel (1943)

The Black Path of Fear (1944)

Deadline at Dawn (1944)

Night has a Thousand Eyes (1945)

Waltz into Darkness (1947)

I Married a Dead Man (1948) Download

Rendezvous in Black (1948)

Fright (1950)

Savage Bride (1950)

Strangler's Serenade (1951)

You'll Never See Me Again (1951)

Marihuana (1951)

Hotel Room (1958)

Death is my Dancing Partner (1959)

The Doom Stone (1960)

Into the Night (1987) (with Lawrence Block)

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