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       Connie Willis is an established author of many science fiction books, including THE DOOMSDAY BOOK, and winner of both the Nebula Award and the Hugo Award for best sf novel.



Water Witch (1982) (with Cynthia Felice)

Lincoln's Dreams (1987)

Light Raid (1989) (with Cynthia Felice)

Impossible Things (1993)

Uncharted Territory (1994)

Remake (1994) Download

Bellwether (1996)

Promised Land (1997) (with Cynthia Felice)

Passage (2001)

The Very Thought of You (2015)

Berserker (with Poul Anderson, Edward Bryant, Stephen Donaldson, Larry Niven, Fred Saberhagen and Roger Zelazny)

Berserker Base: A Collaberative Novel (1985)

Oxford Time Travel

Blackout (2010)

All Clear (2010)

Fire Watch (1985)

Doomsday Book (1992)

To Say Nothing of the Dog (1997)


D.A. (2007)

All Seated on the Ground (2007)

All About Emily (2011)


Cibola (1998)

Daisy in the Sun (1998)

Roswell, vegas, and Area 51: Travels with Courtney (2002)

Inside Job (2005)

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