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       Clive Barker was born in Liverpool in 1952. His earlier books include The Books of Blood, Cabal, and The Hellbound Heart. In addition to his work as a novelist and playwright, he also illustrates, writes, directs and produces for stage and screen. His films include Hellraiser, Hellbound, Nightbreed and Candyman. Clive lives in Beverly Hills, California.


Book of The Art

The Great and Secret Show (1989) Download

Everville (1994)


The Fifth Dominion (1995) Download

The Reconciliation (1995) Download

Imajica (1991)


Galilee (1998)


Abarat: The First Book of Hours (2002)

Days of Magic, Nights of War (2004)

Absolute Midnight (2011)


The Damnation Game (1984) Download

Weaveworld (1987) Download

Cabal (1988)

The Thief of Always (1992)

Sacrament (1995)

Cold Heart Canyon (2001) Download

Mister B. Gone (2007)


The Hellbound Heart (1986) Download

The Adventures of Mr. Maximillian Bacchus and His Travelling Circus (2009)


Tortured souls (2001) Download


Books of Blood Volume 1 (1981) Download

Books of Blood Volume 2 (1984) Download

Books of Blood Volume 3 (1986)

Books of Blood Volume 4 (1985) aka The Inhuman Condition Download

Books of Blood Volume 5 (1986) aka In the Flesh Download

Books of Blood Volume 6 (1985) Download

Lord of Illusions (1995)

Incarnations: Three Plays (1995)

Forms of Heaven: Three Plays (1996)

The Essential Clive Barker (1997)

Books of Blood: Volumes One to Three (1998)

Clive Barker's Tapping the Vein (2002)

The Scarlet Gospels (2011)

Clive Barker's First Tales (2013)

Chiliad: A Meditation (2014)

Short stories

Animal Life

The Book of Blood (1984)

Confession of a (pornographer's) Shroud (1984)

Dread (1984)

Hell's Event (1984)

Human Remains (1984)

In the Hills, the Cities (1984)

Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament (1984)

The Midnight Meat Train (1984)

New Murders in the Rue Morgue (1984)

Pig Blood Blues (1984)

Rawhead Rex (1984)

Scape-Goats (1984)

Sex, Death and Starshine (1984)

The Skins of the Fathers (1984)

Son of Celluloid (1984)

The Yattering and Jack (1984)

The Age of Desire (1985)

Babel's Children (1985)

The Body Politic (1985)

The Book of Blood (a Postscript): On Jerusalem Street (1985)

Down, Satan! (1985)

The Forbidden (1985)

How Spoilers Bleed (1985)

In the Flesh (1985)

The Inhuman Condition (1985)

The Last Illusion (1985)

Life After Death (1985)

The Life of Death (1985)

Lost Souls (1985)

The Madonna (1985)

Revelations (1985)

Twilight at the Towers (1985)

The Hellbound Heart [short story] (1986)

Coming to Grief (1988)

The Rhapsodist (1988)

The Departed (1992)

On Amen's Shore (1992)

Hermione and the Moon (1993)

Chiliad: A Meditation: Men and Sin (1997)

Chiliad: A Meditation: A Moment at the River's Heart (1997)

Non fiction

Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror (1984) (with Stephen Jones)

Rare Flesh (2003)

The Hellraiser Chronicles (2004) (with Peter Atkins and Stephen Jones)

Clive Barker Visions of Heaven and Hell (2005)

The Painter, the Creature, and the Father of Lies (2011)

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