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Rogue Wizard

A Wizard in Absentia (1993)

A Wizard in Mind (1995) Download

A Wizard in Bedlam (1979) Download

A Wizard in War (1995)

A Wizard in Peace (1996)

A Wizard in Chaos (1997)

A Wizard in Midgard (1998)

A Wizard and a Warlord (2000)

A Wizard in the Way (2000)

A Wizard in a Feud (2001)

Warlock of Gramarye

The Warlock in Spite of Himself (1969)

King Kobold (1971)

King Kobold Revived (1984)

The Warlock Unlocked (1982)

The Warlock Enraged (1985)

The Warlock Wandering (1986)

The Warlock Is Missing (1986)

The Warlock Heretical (1987)

The Warlock's Companion (1988)

The Warlock Insane (1989)

The Warlock Rock (1990)

Warlock and Son (1991)

The Warlock's Last Ride (2004)

Wizard in Rhyme

Her Majesty's Wizard (1986)

The Oathbound Wizard (1993)

The Witch Doctor (1994)

The Secular Wizard (1995)

My Son, the Wizard (1997)

The Haunted Wizard (2000)

The Crusading Wizard (2000)

The Feline Wizard (2000)

Starship Troupers

A Company of Stars (1991)

We Open on Venus (1993)

A Slight Detour (1994)

Harold Shea (with L Sprague de Camp)

The Enchanter Reborn (1992)

The Exotic Enchanter (1995)

War and Honor (with Gordon R Dickson, David Drake and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)

Blood and War (1993)

Warlock's Heirs

M'lady Witch (1994)

Quicksilver's Knight (1995)

The Spell-bound Scholar (1999)

Here Be Monsters (2001)

Star Stone

The Shaman (1995)

The Sage (1996)


Escape Velocity (1983)

The Seaman (1997)

Saint Vidicon to the Rescue (2005)

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