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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Dinah McCall.

With over fifty books in print, award-winning author Sharon Sala, who also writes as Dinah McCall, still has to remind herself from time to time that this isn't a dream. She claims that, for her, learning to read was a matter of evolution, but learning to write and then being published was a revolution. It changed her life, her world and her fate.



Sara's Angel (1991)

King's Ransom (1992)

Honor's Promise (1992)

Chance McCall (1993)

Annie and the Outlaw (1994)

Deep in the Heart (1996)

Second Chances (1996)

Shades of a Desperado (1996)

Finders Keepers (1997)

Sweet Baby (1998)

Reunion (1999)

Remember Me (1999)

Butterfly (2000)

Snowfall (2001)

Dark Water (2002)

The Way to Yesterday (2002)

Out of the Dark (2003)

Amber by Night (2003)

Missing (2004)

Rider On Fire (2005)

The Chosen (2005)

The Healer (2008)

The Warrior (2009)

A Field Of Poppies (2012)

The Boarding House (2012)

A Thousand Lies (2013)

Sudden Danger (2014)

Bloodlines (2015)

Mimosa Grove (2015)

The Perfect Lie (2015)

Family Sins (2016)

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