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       Husband of Syne Mitchell.

Eric Nylund is a New York Times bestselling and World Fantasy Award nominated author of more than a dozen novels (including HALO: The Fall of Reach and THE RESISTERS series) that have sold over two and a half million copies.

THE ENCHANTED KNOT, his latest novel for YA and adult readers, is out Winter 2014.

Nylund's day job is making video games.He attended the 1994 Clarion West Writer's Workshop and has a Bachelor's degree in chemistry and a Master's degree in theoretical chemical physics. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his family on a rain-drenched mountain.


Jack Potter

Signal to Noise (1998)

A Signal Shattered (1999)

Mortal Coils

Mortal Coils (2009)

All That Lives Must Die (2010)


The Resisters (2011)

Sterling Squadron (2012)

Titan Base (2013)

Operation Inferno (2013)

Magical Families

The Enchanted Knot (2015)


Pawn's Dream (1995)

A Game of Universe (1997)

Dry Water (1997)

Crimson Skies (2002)


Guys Read: The Warlords of Recess (2013)

Series contributed to


Halo: Evolutions (2009) (with Tobias S Buckell, B K Evenson, Jonathan Goff, Kevin Grace, Tessa Kum, Fred Van Lente, Frank O'Connor, Eric Raab, Karen Traviss and Jeff VanderMeer)

The Fall of Reach (2001)

First Strike (2003)

Ghosts of Onyx (2006)

Halo Boxed Set Books 1-3 (omnibus) (2004) (with William C Dietz)

Contact Harvest / Cole Protocol / Ghosts of Onyx (omnibus) (2010) (with Tobias S Buckell and Joseph Staten)

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