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       J.C. Hendee is a fantasy author. He is co-author with his wife Barb Hendee of the Saga of the Noble Dead, the heroine of which is a dhampir.


Noble Dead Saga 1 (with Barb Hendee)

Dhampir (2003)

Thief of Lives (2004)

Sister of the Dead (2005)

Traitor to the Blood (2006)

Rebel Fay (2007)

Child of a Dead God (2008)

Noble Dead Saga 2 (with Barb Hendee)

In Shade and Shadow (2008)

Through Stone and Sea (2009)

Of Truth and Beasts (2011)

Noble Dead Saga 3 (with Barb Hendee)

Between Their Worlds (2012)

The Dog in the Dark (2012)

A Wind in the Night (2014)

Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga

Puppy Love (2013)

Bones of the Earth: Nameless (2015)

Noble Dead Saga 4 (with Barb Hendee)

First and Last Sorcerer (2015)

The Night Voice (2016)

Dead Seekers (with Barb Hendee)

The Dead Seekers (2017)

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