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       Janny Wurts is the author of eleven novels, a collection of short stories, and the internationally best selling Empire trilogy written in collaboration with Raymond E. Feist. Her current release in her Wars of Light and Shadow series, Grand Conspiracy, and her forthcoming hardcover, Peril's Gate, are the culmination of more than twenty years of carefully evolved ideas. The cover images on the books, both in the US and abroad, are her own paintings, depicting her vision of characters and setting.

Through her combined talents as a writer/illustrator, Janny has immersed herself in a lifelong ambition: to create a seamless interface between words and pictures that will lead reader and viewer beyond the world we know. Her lavish use of language lures the mind into a crafted realm of experience, with characters and events woven into a complex tapestry, and drawn with an intensity to leave a lasting impression. Her research includes a range of direct experience, lending her fantasy a gritty realism, and her scenes involving magic an almost visionary credibility. A self-taught painter, she draws directly from the imagination, creating scenes in a representational style that blurs the edges between dream and reality. She makes no preliminary sketches, but envisions her characters and the scenes that contain them, then executes the final directly from the initial pencil drawing.

The seed idea for the Wars of Light and Shadow series occurred, when, in the course of researching tactic and weapons, she viewed a documentary film on the Battle of Culloden Moor. This was the first time she had encountered the historical context of that brutal event, with the embroidery of romance stripped from it. The experience gave rise to an awakening, which became anger, that so often, our education, literature and entertainment slant history in a manner that equates winners and losers with moral right and wrong, and the prevalent attitude, that killing wars can be seen as justifiable solutions when only one side of the picture is presented.


Cycle of Fire

Stormwarden (1984)

Keeper of the Keys (1988)

Shadowfane (1988)

The Cycle of Fire (omnibus) (1999)

Riftwar : The World On the Other Side (with Raymond E Feist)

Daughter of the Empire (1987)

Servant of the Empire (1989)

Mistress of the Empire (1989)

Wars of Light and Shadow

The Curse of the Mistwraith (1993)

The Ships of Merior (1994)

Warhost of Vastmark (1995)

Wars of Light and Shadow : Alliance of Light

Fugitive Prince (1996)

Grand Conspiracy (1999)

Peril's Gate (2001)

Traitor's Knot (2004)

Stormed Fortress (2007)

Wars of Light and Shadow : Sword of the Canon

Initiate's Trial (2010)


Sorcerer's Legacy (1989)

The Master of White Storm (1992)

To Ride Hell's Chasm (2002)

Short stories

Triad (1998)

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