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       Husband of Sylvia Wallace

Irving Wallace (born Irving Wallechinsky) was an American bestselling author and screenwriter. He was the father of Olympic historian David Wallechinsky and author Amy Wallace.



The Sins of Philip Fleming (1959)

The Chapman Report (1961)

The Prize (1961)

The Man (1964)

The Three Sirens (1964)

The Sunday Gentleman (1966)

The Plot (1967)

The Seven Minutes (1969)

The Word (1972)

The Fan Club (1974)

The R Document (1976)

Pigeon Project (1979)

The Second Lady (1980)

The Almighty (1982)

The Miracle (1984)

The Seventh Secret (1986)

The Celestial Bed (1987)

The Golden Room (1988)

The Guest of Honor (1989)

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