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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Edgar Box, Katherine Everard, Cameron Kay

Gore Vidal was born in 1925 at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and brought up in Washington, D.C. He enlisted in the army at the age of seventeen and served as first mate on an army ship in the Bering Sea, where he wrote his first book, Williwaw. In the sixties, three praised novels established Vidal's reputation as a bestselling author: Julian (1964); Washington, D.C. (1967); and Myra Breckinridge (1968). His collected essays, United States, won the National Book Award in 1993. In 1995 he published a memoir, Palimpsest, which the Sunday Times called 'one of the best first-person accounts of this century we are likely to get'.

Vidal died at his home in Hollywood Hills, California on July 31, 2012.


Peter Sargeant (as by Edgar Box)

Death in the Fifth Position (1952)

Death Before Bedtime (1953)

Death Likes it Hot (1955)

Narratives of Empire

Burr (1973)

Lincoln (1984)

1876 (1976)

Empire (1987)

Hollywood (1989)

Washington, D.C. (1967)

The Golden Age (2000)


Williwaw (1946) aka Dangerous Voyage

In a Yellow Wood (1947)

The City and the Pillar (1948)

The Season of Comfort (1949)

Dark Green, Bright Red (1950)

A Search for the King (1950)

A Star's Progress (1950) (as by Katherine Everard)

The Judgment of Paris (1953)

Messiah (1956)

Visit to a Small Planet (1957)

Julian (1964)

Myra Brekinridge (1968)

Two Sisters (1970)

Myron (1974)

Kalki (1978)

Creation (1981)

Duluth (1983)

Live from Golgotha (1992)

The Smithsonian Institution (1995)

Cry Shame! (2012)

Non fiction

Rocking The Boat (1962)

Sex, Death and Money (1968)

Reflections Upon a Sinking Ship (1969)

Collected Essays (1972)

Homage to Daniel Shays (1973)

Matters of Fact and of Fiction (1977)

Views from a Window (1980)

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire (1981)

The Second American Revolution (1982)

Vidal in Venice (1985)

Armageddon? (1987)

At Home (1988)

Paths of Resistance (1989) (with Isabel Allende, Charles McCarry, Marge Piercy and Robert Stone)

A View from the Diners Club (1991)

Screening History (1992)

United States: Essays 1952-1992 (1993)

Palimpsest (1995)

Virgin Islands (1997)

Sexually Speaking (1999)

The Last Empire (2001)

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (2002)

Dreaming War (2002)

Inventing a Nation (2003)

Imperial America (2004)

Point to Point Navigation (2006)

Selected Essays (2007)

The Selected Essays of Gore Vidal (2008) (with Jay Parini)

Snapshots in History's Glare (2009)

I Told You So (2013)

Vidal vs. Mailer (2014) (with Norman Mailer)

Buckley vs. Vidal (2015) (with William F Buckley Jr)

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