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       Harry Turtledove was born in Los Angeles in 1949. He has taught ancient and medieval history at UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, and Cal State L.A., and has published a translation of a ninth-century Byzantine chronicle, as well as several scholarly articles. He is also an award-winning full-time writer of science fiction and fantasy. His alternate history works have included several short stories and novels, including The Guns of the South, How Few Remain (winner of the Sidewise Award for Best Novel), the Great War epics: American Front and Walk in Hell, the Colonization books: Second Contact and Down to Earth, and American Empire: Blood and Iron. He is married to fellow novelist Laura Frankos. They have three daughters: Alison, Rachel, and Rebecca.


Gerin the Fox

Were Blood (1979) (as by Eric G Iverson)

Werenight (1979) (as by Eric G Iverson)

Prince of the North (1994)

King of the North (1996)

Fox and Empire (1997)


The Misplaced Legion (1987)

An Emperor for the Legion (1987)

The Legion of Videssos (1987)

Swords of the Legion (1987)

Videssos Cycle (omnibus) (1988)

Bridge of the Separator (2005)


Krispos Rising (1991)

Krispos of Videssos (1991)

Krispos the Emperor (1994)

The Tale of Krispos (omnibus) (2007)


In the Balance (1994)

Tilting the Balance (1995)

Upsetting the Balance (1996)

Striking the Balance (1996)

Homeward Bound (2004)

In the Balance / Tilting the Balance (omnibus) (2002)

Time of Troubles

The Stolen Throne (1995)

Hammer and Anvil (1996)

The Thousand Cities (1997)

Videssos Besieged (1998)

The Time of Troubles I (omnibus) (2005)

The Time of Troubles II (omnibus) (2005)

Great War

The American Front (1998)

Walk in Hell (1999)

Breakthroughs (2000)


Into the Darkness (1999)

Darkness Descending (2000)

Through the Darkness (2001)

Rulers of the Darkness (2002)

Jaws of Darkness (2003)

Out of the Darkness (2004)


Second Contact (1999)

Down to Earth (2000)

Aftershocks (2001)

Homeward Bound (2004)

War Between the Provinces

Sentry Peak (2000)

Marching Through Peachtree (2001)

Advance and Retreat (2002)

American Empire

Blood and Iron (2001)

The Center Cannot Hold (2002)

The Victorious Opposition (2003)

Crosstime Traffic

Gunpowder Empire (2003)

Curious Notions (2004)

In High Places (2005)

The Disunited States of America (2006)

The Gladiator (2007)

The Valley-Westside War (2008)

Settling Accounts

Return Engagement (2004)

Drive to the East (2005)

The Grapple (2006)

In At the Death (2007)

Pacific War

Days of Infamy (2004)

End of the Beginning (2005)


Beyond the Gap (2007)

The Breath of God (2008)

The Golden Shrine (2009)


Opening Atlantis (2007)

The United States of Atlantis (2008)

Liberating Atlantis (2009)

War That Came Early

Hitler's War (2008)

West and East (2010)

The Big Switch (2011)

Coup d'Etat (2012)

Two Fronts (2013)

Last Orders (2014)

Exiled (with Jody Lynn Nye, John Ringo and S M Stirling)

Clan of the Claw (2011)


Eruption (2011)

All Fall Down (2012)

Things Fall Apart (2013)

Sceptre of Mercy

The Sceptre's Return (2013)

The Chernagor Pirates (2013)

Hot War

Bombs Away (2015)

Fallout (2016)


Agent of Byzantium (1987)

Noninterference (1987)

A Different Flesh (1988)

Kaleidoscope (1990)

A World of Difference (1990)

Earthgrip (1991)

The Guns of the South (1992)

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump (1993)

The Two Georges (1995) (with Richard Dreyfuss)

Thessalonica (1996)

How Few Remain (1997)

Between the Rivers (1998)

Household Gods (1999) (with Judith Tarr)

Wisdom of the Fox (1999)

Tale of the Fox (2000)

Ruled Britannia (2002)

Conan of Venarium (2003)

In the Presence of Mine Enemies (2003)

Every Inch a King (2005)

Fort Pillow (2006)

After the Downfall (2008)

The Man with the Iron Heart (2008)

Give Me Back My Legions! (2009)

Joe Steele (2015)

The House of Daniel (2016)


Pugnacious Peacemaker / The Wheels of If (1990) (with L Sprague de Camp)

Fox and Empire / King of the North (1998)

3 x T (2004)


Departures (1993)

Down in the Bottomlands (1999) (with L Sprague de Camp)

Counting Up, Counting Down (2002)

Forty, Counting Down & Twenty-One, Counting Up (2009)

Reincarnations (2009)

Atlantis and Other Places (2010)

On The Train (2012) (with Rachel Turtledove)

We Install (2015)

Blue vs. Grey (2030)

Anthologies edited

The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century (1997) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Alternate Generals (1998)

The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century (2001) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Alternate Generals II (2002)

Worlds That Weren't (2002)

The First Heroes (2004) (with Noreen Doyle)

The Best Time Travel Stories of the 20th Century (2004) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Alternate Generals III (2005)

The Enchanter Completed (2005)

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