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       Roger is an English fiction and non-fiction author. He was born in Heywood, Rochdale, Lancashire, and now lives in the Wirral. He is a chartered civil and structural engineer, a pistol, rifle and shotgun shooter, aikido instructor, and a piano player. Roger Taylor is the author of twelve epic fantasy novels. The first four are collectively known as the Chronicles of Hawklan, the subsequent seven are set in the same world at the same time, and the final book is the culmination of the series. The books were first published by Headline Book Publishing Ltd between 1988 and 1999 (now all out of print), and are currently published as ebooks by Mushroom eBooks in 2002/2003, and are also available as paperbacks from Bladud Books.


Chronicles of Hawklan

The Call of the Sword (1988)

The Fall of Fyorlund (1989)

The Waking of Orthlund (1989)

Into Narsindal (1990)

Return of the Sword (1999)

Chronicles of Hawklan Sequel

Dream Finder (1991)

Whistler (1994)

Ibryen (1995)

Arash-Felloren (1996)

Caddoran (1998)


Farnor (1992)

Valderen (1993)


The Keep (2011)

Non fiction

Aikido: More Than a Martial Art (1999)

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