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       Susan Sizemore's life and interests include such varied activities as medieval costuming and embroidery, being a chef, and working in the defense industry.She is owned by her spoiled rotten, beloved mutt dog, rather than the other way around, and this is just fine with her.Current hobbies include hiking and studying t'ai chi. She travels whenever she can, loves history, loud music, movies, good coffee, and writes constantly.She hopes readers enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.She has won the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award and has been nominated for two Romantic Times awards.


Laws of the Blood

The Hunt (1999)

Partners (2000)

Companions (2001)

Deceptions (2002)

Heroes (2003)

Cave Canem (2008)

Personal Demon (2012)

Blood2blood (2013)

Children of the Rock (with Marguerite Krause)

Moon's Dreaming (1999)

Moon's Dancing (2000)

MacLeods of Skye Court

Too Wicked to Marry (2002)

Captured Innocence (2003)

Scandalous Miranda (2005)


I Burn for You (2003)

I Thirst for You (2004)

I Hunger for You (2005)

A Touch of Harry (2004)

Master of Darkness (2006)

Primal Heat (2006)

Primal Desires (2007)

Tempting Fate (2007)

Primal Needs (2008)

Dark Stranger (2009)

Primal Instincts (2010)

Crave the Night (omnibus) (2005)

Primal Call (2011)

By Sun and Candlelight (2012)

Primal Cravings (2012)

Living Dead Girl

Black Snow (2012)

Bad Wolf (2013)

Caged Glass (2015)

Vampire Primes

Stealing Magic (2012)

Children of the Night, You're Grounded (2014)

Blue Death

Shattered Journey (2015)

Golden Lash (2015)


Wings of the Storm (1992)

My First Duchess (1993)

My Own True Love (1994)

In My Dreams (1994) aka Sammy's Song

Nothing Else Matters (1995)

After the Storm (1996)

The Autumn Lord (1996)

One of These Nights (1997)

Stranger by Her Side (1997)

Walking on the Moon (1998)

The Price of Innocence (1999)

His Last Best Hope (1999)

Gates of Hell (2000)

On a Long Ago Night (2000)

The Price of Passion (2001)

A Kind of Magic (2006)

Memory of Morning (2011)

No Promises (2011)

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