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       Robert Silverberg was born in New York City on 15 January 1935 to Michael and Helen Silverberg, an only child. He tends to keep his personal life to himself, but he has made allusions to being a lonely and bitter child who found a sort of release in science fiction and fantasy.

In 1949 he started a science fiction fanzine called Spaceship and made his first professional sale to Science Fiction Adventures, a non-fiction piece called Fanmag, in the December 1953 issue. His first professional fiction publication was Gorgon Planet in the February 1954 issue of the British magazine Nebula Science Fiction. His first novel, Revolt on Alpha C, was published in 1955.

In 1956 he graduated from Columbia University, having majored in Comparative Literature, and married Barbara Brown, an electronics engineer specializing in radar and optics (according to a dust-jacket bio). His literary background would surface eventually in his writing, but for a time, he seems to have kept the straight separate from the science fiction he wrote, as it was pure adventure stuff with little that would indicate interests beyond the typical science fiction of the day.


Nidorian (with Randall Garrett (as by Robert Randall))

The Shrouded Planet (1957)

The Dawning Light (1959)

Majipoor : Lord Valentine

Lord Valentine's Castle (1980)

Majipoor Chronicles (1982)

Valentine Pontifex (1983)

The Mountains of Majipoor (1995)

New Springtime

At Winter's End (1988)

The Queen of Springtime (1989)

Fire in Winter (with Karen Haber)

The Mutant Season (1989)

Majipoor : Lord Prestimion

Sorcerers of Majipoor (1997)

Lord Prestimion (1999)

The King of Dreams (2001)

Tales of Majipoor (2013)


Revolt on Alpha C (1955)

The 13th Immortal (1956)

Master of Life and Death (1957)

Aliens From Space (1958) (as by David Osborne)

Collision Course (1958)

Invaders from Earth (1958)

Invisible Barriers (1958) (as by David Osborne)

Lest We Forget Thee, Earth (1958) (as by Calvin M Knox)

The Silent Invaders (1958)

Starhaven (1958) (as by Ivar Jorgenson)

Stepsons of Terra (1958)

The Planet Killers (1959)

The Plot Against Earth (1959) (as by Calvin M Knox)

Starman's Quest (1959)

Lost Race of Mars (1960)

Planet of Death (1960)

Recalled to Life (1962)

The Seed of Earth (1962)

One of Our Asteroids is Missing (1964) (as by Calvin M Knox)

Regan's Planet (1964)

Time of the Great Freeze (1964)

Conquerors from the Darkness (1965)

We, the Marauders (1965)

The Gate of Worlds (1967)

Thorns (1967)

Those Who Watch (1967)

The Time Hoppers (1967)

To Open the Sky (1967)

Hawksbill Station (1968) aka The Anvil of Time

The Masks of Time (1968) aka Vornan-19

Across a Billion Years (1969)

The Man in the Maze (1969)

Nightwings (1969)

Three Survived (1969)

To Live Again (1969)

Up the Line (1969)

Downward to the Earth (1970)

Tower of Glass (1970)

World's Fair 1992 (1970)

A Time of Changes (1971)

The World Inside (1971)

Son of Man (1971)

Dying Inside (1972)

The Book of Skulls (1972)

The Second Trip (1972)

The Stochastic Man (1975)

Shadrach in the Furnace (1976)

The Desert of Stolen Dreams (1981)

Lord of Darkness (1983)

Gilgamesh the King (1984)

Tom O'Bedlam (1985)

Sailing to Byzantium (1985)

Star of Gypsies (1986)

Project Pendulum (1987)

The Secret Sharer (1988)

To the Land of the Living (1989)

In Another Country (1990)

The New Springtime (1990)

Nightfall (1990) (with Isaac Asimov)

The Face of the Waters (1991)

Child of Time (1991) (with Isaac Asimov)

The Ugly Little Boy (1992) (with Isaac Asimov)

Kingdoms of the Wall (1992)

Thebes of the Hundred Gates (1992)

The Positronic Man (1992) (with Isaac Asimov)

Hot Sky at Midnight (1993)

The Realm of Prester John (1996)

Starborne (1996)

The Alien Years (1997)

Shadow on the Stars (2000)

Cronos (2001)

The Longest Way Home (2002)

Roma Eterna (2003)

Blood on the Mink (2012)

Beyond the Doors of Death (2013) (with Damien Broderick)

Short Stories

Born With The Dea ( 1974)

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