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       Joel Rosenberg is the author of the bestselling Guardians of the Flame books as well as the D'Shai and Keepers of the Hidden Ways series. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Guardians of the Flame

The Sleeping Dragon (1983)

The Sword and the Chain (1984)

The Silver Crown (1985)

The Heir Apparent (1987)

The Warrior Lives (1988)

The Road to Ehvenor (1991)

The Road Home (1995)

Not Exactly the Three Musketeers (1999)

Not Quite Scaramouche (2000)

Not Really the Prisoner of Zenda (2003)

The Warriors (omnibus) (1985)

The Heroes (omnibus) (1987)

The Guardians of the Flame (omnibus) (1988)

Legacy (omnibus) (2004)

To Home and Ehvenor (omnibus) (2004)

Metsada Mercenary Corps

Ties of Blood and Silver (1984)

Emile and the Dutchman (1986)

Not for Glory (1988)

Hero (1990)


D'Shai (1991)

Hour of the Octopus (1994)

Keepers of the Hidden Ways

The Fire Duke (1995)

The Silver Stone (1996)

The Crimson Sky (1998)

Legends of the Riftwar (with Raymond E Feist)

Murder in Lamut (2002)

Sparky Hemingway

Home Front (2003)

Family Matters (2004)


Paladins (2004)

Knight Moves (2006)

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