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       Father of Laura Resnick

Michael Diamond Resnick, better known by his published name Mike Resnick, is a popular and prolific American science fiction author. He has 5 Hugo Awards and other awards in the USA, France, Japan, Spain, Croatia and Poland. As of 2007, he is first on the Locus list of all-time award winners, living or dead, for short fiction, and 4th on the Locus list of science fiction's all-time top award winners in all fiction categories. He is also a long-time participant in science fiction fandom. Resnick has been the Guest of Honor at some 30 science fiction conventions, and Toastmaster at a dozen others.



The Goddess of Ganymede (1968)

Pursuit on Ganymede (1968)

Far Future History

Birthright (1982)

Santiago (1980)

The Dark Lady (1987)

Galactic Midway

Sideshow (1982)

The Three-legged Hootch Dancer (1983)

The Wild Alien Tamer (1983)

The Best Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Gunslinger in the Whole Damned Galaxy (1983)

Velvet Comet

Eros Ascending (1984)

Eros At Zenith (1984)

Eros Descending (1985)

Eros At Nadir (1986)

Tales Of The Velvet Comet (omnibus) (2001)

Lucifer Jones

Adventures (1985)

Exploits (1993)

Encounters (1994)

Hazards (2009)

Lucifer Jones (omnibus) (1992)

Fables of Tonight

Stalking the Unicorn (1987)

Stalking the Vampire (2008)

Stalking the Dragon (2009)

Stalking the Zombie (2012)

Galactic Comedy

Paradise (1989)

Purgatory (1993)

Inferno (1993)

Mike Resnick's The Galactic Comedy (omnibus) (2003)


Soothsayer (1991)

Oracle (1992)

Prophet (1993)


The Widowmaker (1996)

The Widowmaker Reborn (1997)

The Widowmaker Unleashed (1998)

A Gathering Of Widowmakers (2006)

Widowmakers (omnibus) (1998)

Eli Paxton Mystery

Dog in the Manger (1996)

The Trojan Colt (2013)

Cat on a Cold Tin Roof (2014)

Tales of Kirinyaga

Bwana (1999)

Dragon America

Revolution (2003)


Mutiny (2005)

Pirate (2006)

Mercenary (2007)

Rebel (2008)

Flagship (2009)

Weird West Tale

The Buntline Special (2010)

The Doctor and the Kid (2011)

The Doctor and the Rough Rider (2012)

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs (2013)

Dead Enders

The Fortress in Orion (2014)

The Prison in Antares (2015)

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