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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka C F Bentley, P R Frost, Phyllis Irene Radford

Irene has been writing stories ever since she figured out what a pencil was for. Combining a love for Medieval history and a fascination with paranormal, Irene concentrated on fantasy writing.

In her spare time, Irene enjoys lacemaking and is a long time member of an international guild. Check out THE LONELIEST MAGICIAN, The Dragon Nimbus #3 for an exploration of her favorite obsession. A piece of magic lace is the obvious patch for a dragon wing. She has published numerous magazine articles about the history and technique of lacemaking as well as self publishing two lacemaker's fairy tales with lace patterns that can be made up to illustrate the stories. When she isn't writing or making lace she enjoys exploring the back roads and many museums of the Pacific Northwest.

A native Oregonian living in Oregon, Irene is a member of an endangered species. As a service brat, she lived in a number of cities throughout the country until returning to Oregon in time to graduate from Tigard High School. She earned a B.A. in history from Lewis and Clark College, where she met her husband, Tim. Historical research has remained a lifelong passion and finally became a part of her job with the historical fantasy series Merlin's Descendants.


Dragon Nimbus

The Glass Dragon (1994)

The Perfect Princess (1995)

The Loneliest Magician (1996)

The Wizard's Treasure (2000)

Dragon Nimbus History

The Dragon's Touchstone (1997)

The Last Battlemage (1998)

The Renegade Dragon (1999)

Merlin's Descendents

Guardian of the Balance (1999)

Guardian of the Trust (2000)

Guardian of the Vision (2001)

Guardian of the Promise (2003)

Guardian of the Freedom (2005)


The Hidden Dragon (2002)

The Dragon Circle (2004)

The Dragon's Revenge (2005)

The Stargods Trilogy (omnibus) (2015)

Dragon Nimbus Omnibus

The Dragon Nimbus Novels: Volume I (2007)

The Dragon Nimbus Novels: Volume II (2007)

The Dragon Nimbus Novels: Volume III (2008)

Pixie Chronicles

Thistle Down (2011)

Chicory Up (2012)

Whistling River Lodge Mystery

Lacing Up For Murder (2012)

Ploughed Under (2014) aka Plowed Under

Children of the Dragon Nimbus

The Silent Dragon (2013)

The Broken Dragon (2014)

The Wandering Dragon (2014)


The Lost Enforcer (2014) (with Bob Brown)

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