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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Edson McCann, James MacCreigh. Husband of Elizabeth Anne Hull


Space Merchants

The Space Merchants (1952) (with C M Kornbluth)

The Merchant's War (1984)

Venus, Inc. (omnibus) (1984) (with C M Kornbluth)

Undersea Eden (with Jack Williamson)

Undersea Quest (1954)

Undersea Fleet (1955)

Undersea City (1958)

The Undersea Trilogy (omnibus) (1992)

Starchild (with Jack Williamson)

The Reefs of Space (1964)

Starchild (1965)

Rogue Star (1969)

The Starchild Trilogy (omnibus) (1980)

Saga of Cuckoo (with Jack Williamson)

Farthest Star (1975)

Wall Around a Star (1975)

The Saga of Cuckoo (omnibus) (1983)


Gateway (1977)

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (1980)

Heechee Rendezvous (1984)

The Annals of the Heechee (1987)

The Gateway Trip (1990)

The Boy Who Would Live Forever (2004)


The Other End of Time (1996)

The Siege of Eternity (1997)

The Far Shore of Time (1999)

The Eschaton Sequence (omnibus) (1999)


Search the Sky (1954) (with C M Kornbluth)

Gladiator-at-Law (1955) (with C M Kornbluth)

Preferred Risk (1955) (as by Edson McCann)

Presidential Year (1956) (with C M Kornbluth)

Slave Ship (1956)

Wolfbane (1957) (with C M Kornbluth)

Drunkard's Walk (1960)

A Plague of Pythons (1964) aka Demon in the Skull

The Age of the Pussyfoot (1965)

Man Plus (1976)

Jem (1979)

The Cool War (1979)

Syzygy (1982)

Starburst (1982)

The Years of the City (1984)

Black Star Rising (1985)

The Coming of the Quantum Cats (1986)

Terror (1986)

Tales from the Planet Earth (1986) (with Lino Aldani, Brian Aldiss, Karl-Michael Armer, Jon Bing, Andre Carneiro, A Bertram Chandler, Ljuben Dilov, Tong Enzheng, Carlos Maria Federici, Harry Harrison, Elizabeth Anne Hull, Sam J Lundwall, Joseph Nesvadba, Spider Robinson, Tetsu Yano, Ye Yonglie and Janusz A Zajdel)

Chernobyl (1987)

Narabedla, Ltd. (1988)

Land's End (1988) (with Jack Williamson)

The Day the Martians Came (1988)

Homegoing (1989)

The World at the End of Time (1990)

Outnumbering the Dead (1990)

The Singers of Time (1991) (with Jack Williamson)

Stopping at Slowyear (1992)

Mining the Oort (1992)

Mars Plus (1994) (with Thomas T Thomas)

The Voices of Heaven (1994)

O Pioneer! (1998)

The Last Theorem (2008) (with Arthur C Clarke)

All the Lives He Led (2011)


Alternating Currents (1956)

The Case Against Tomorrow (1957)

The Knights of Arthur (1958)

Tomorrow Times Seven (1959)

The Man Who Ate the World (1960)

Turn Left at Thursday (1961)

The Wonder Effect (1962) (with C M Kornbluth)

The Abominable Earthman (1963)

Digits and Dastards (1966)

Day Million (1970)

Gold at the Starbow's End (1972)

The Best of Frederik Pohl (1975)

In the Problem Pit (1976)

The Early Pohl (1976)

Critical Mass (1977) (with C M Kornbluth)

Survival Kit (1979)

Before the Universe (1980) (with C M Kornbluth)

Planets Three (1981)

Midas World (1983)

Pohlstars (1984)

Bipohl (1987)

Our Best (1987) (with C M Kornbluth)

The Future Quartet (1994) (with Ben Bova, Jerry Pournelle and Charles Sheffield)

Platinum Pohl (2001)

The Hated and Other Stories (2010)

The Works of Frederik Pohl (5 Stories) (2010)

Lest Darkness Fall & Related Stories (2011) (with L Sprague de Camp, David Drake and S M Stirling)

The Ninth Science Fiction Megapack (2014) (with Arthur C Clarke, Lester del Rey, Mark Reynolds, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Donald E Westlake)

The 11th Science Fiction MEGAPACK (2016) (with Poul Anderson, Manly Banister, John Gregory Betancourt, Jerome Bixby, J F Bone, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Hal Clement, Mark Clifton, Lester del Rey, Simon Eisner, E Everett Evans, H B Fyfe, Christopher Grimm, James E Gunn, Raymond F Jones, C M Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, Murray Leinster, Katherine MacLean, William Morrison, Frank M Robinson, Ross Rocklynne, Tony Rothman, Robert Silverberg, Clifford D Simak, Evelyn E Smith, Stephen Tall, William Tenn, Sydney J Van Scyoc, F. L. Wallace, Robert Moore Williams, Donald A Wollheim and Robert F Young)

Short stories


A Life and a Half

Small Lords

The Mantle of Graag (1941) (with Harry Dockweiler and Robert A W Lowndes)

Wings of the Lightning Land (1941) (as by James MacCreigh)

Legal Rites (1950) (with Isaac Asimov)

The Little Man on the Subway (1950) (with Isaac Asimov (as by James MacCreigh) )

The Midas Plague (1954)

The Tunnel Under the World [short story] (1954)

What to Do Until the Analyst Comes (1955)

The Census Takers (1956)

Happy Birthday, Dear Jesus (1956)

The Man Who Ate the World [short story] (1956)

Survival Kit [short story] (1957)

The Snowmen (1958)

The Wizards of Pung's Corners (1958)

The Bitterest Pill (1959)

The Day the Icicle Works Closed (1959)

The Seven Deadly Virtues (1959)

The Waging of the Peace (1959)

The Quaker Cannon (1961) (with C M Kornbluth)

The Deadly Mission of Phineas Snodgrass (1962)

The Martian Star-Gazers (1962)

Punch (1963)

The Children of the Night (1964)

The Fiend (1965)

Under Two Moons (1965)

Day Million [short story] (1966)

The Day After the Day the Martians Came (1967)

Speed Trap (1967)

Rogue Star (part 2) (1968) (with Jack Williamson)

Rogue Star (part 3) (1968) (with Jack Williamson)

The Schematic Man (1969)

The Gold at Starbow's End (1972)

The Meeting (1972) (with C M Kornbluth)

The Merchants of Venus (1972)

Shaffery Among the Immortals (1972)

Enjoy, Enjoy (1974)

The Gift of Garigolli (1974) (with C M Kornbluth)

Mute Inglorious Tam (1974) (with C M Kornbluth)

Rem the Rememberer (1974)

We Purchased People (1974)

Growing Up in Edge City (1975)

The Mother Trip (1975)

A Day in the Life of Able Charlie (1976)

Gateway (part 1) (1976)

The Way It Was (1977)

Mars Masked (1979)

Farmer on the Dole (1982)

The High Test (1983)

Second Coming (1983)

Servant of the People (1983)

Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair (1983)

Criticality (1984)

The Greening of Bed-Stuy (1984)

The Sweet, Sad Queen of the Grazing Isles (1984)

Fermi and Frost (1985)

Iriadeska's Martians (1986)

Adeste Fideles (1987)

At the Summit (1989)

The Reunion at the Mile-High (1989)

Stopping at Slowyear [short story] (1992)

Redemption in the Quantum Realm (1994)

The Mayor of Mare Tranq (1996)

Hatching the Phoenix (1999)

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