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       Charles Willeford was orphaned before he knew the difference, and spent the remainder of his childhood between boarding schools and his Grandmother's house. By the time he was fifteen, he was living as a hobo and riding the freight trains that crossed the Southern states. He joined the army and went to war, he was alarmed at the psychopaths and criminals that also joined and pointlessness of war. He remained in the army and started to write poetry. He wrote 18 novels, some under his pseudonym Will Charles, before he died in 1988.


Hoke Moseley

Miami Blues (1984) Download

New Hope for the Dead (1985) Download

Sideswipe (1987) Download

The Way We Die Now (1988) Download


High Priest of California (1953)

Pick Up (1954) Download

Wild Wives (1956)

The Black Mass of Brother Springer (1958) aka Honey Gal

Lust Is a Woman (1958) aka Made in Miami

The Woman Chaser (1960)

Understudy for Death (1961) aka Understudy for Love

Deliver Me from Dallas (1961) aka The Whip Hand

No Experience Necessary (1962)

Cockfighter (1962) Download

The Burnt Orange Heresy (1971) Download

The Hombre From Sonora (1971) aka The Difference

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (1987)

The Shark Infested Custard (1993) Download

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