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       Charles Stross is a full-time writer who was born in Leeds, England in 1964. He studied in London and Bradford, gaining degrees in pharmacy and computer science, and has worked in a variety of jobs, including pharmacist, technical author, software engineer, and freelance journalist.


Singularity Sky

Singularity Sky (2003) Download

Iron Sunrise (2004)

Merchant Princes

The Family Trade (2004)

The Hidden Family (2005)

The Clan Corporate (2006)

The Merchants' War (2007)

The Revolution Business (2009)

The Trade of Queens (2010)

Laundry Files

The Atrocity Archives (2004)

The Jennifer Morgue (2006)

Overtime (2010)

Down on the Farm (2010)

Equoid (2013)

The Fuller Memorandum (2010)

The Apocalypse Codex (2012)

The Rhesus Chart (2014)

Halting State

Halting State (2007)

Rule 34 (2011)


Saturn's Children (2007)

Neptune's Brood (2013)


Accelerando (2005)

Glasshouse (2006)

Missile Gap (2006)

Scratch Monkey (2011)

The Rapture of the Nerds (2012) (with Cory Doctorow)


Palimpsest (2011)

A Tall Tail (2012)

Jury Service (2013) (with Cory Doctorow)

Non fiction

The Web Architect's Handbook (1996)

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