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       John Milton was an English poet, prose polemicist and civil servant for the Commonwealth of England. Best known for his epic poem Paradise Lost, Milton is also known for his treatise condemning censorship, Areopagitica.

Very soon after his death (and continuing to the present day) Milton became the subject of partisan biographies, confirming T. S. Eliot's belief that "of no other poet is it so difficult to consider the poetry simply as poetry, without our theological and political dispositions... making unlawful entry". Milton's radical, republican politics and heretical religious views, coupled with the perceived artificiality of his complicated Latinate verse, alienated Eliot and other readers; Samuel Johnson disparaged him as "an acrimonious and surly republican."



Paradise Lost (poems) (1667)

Paradise Regained (poems) (1671)

The Lycidus and Epitaphium Damonis of Milton (poems) (1897)

The Complete Poems of John Milton (poems) (2010)

Milton's Selected Poetry and Prose (poems) (2010)

Timegods' World

The Fires of Paratime (1982) aka The Timegod

Timediver's Dawn (1992)

Timegods' World (omnibus) (2000)


The Ecologic Envoy (1986)

The Ecolitan Operation (1989)

The Ecologic Secession (1990)

The Ecolitan Enigma (1997)

Empire and Ecolitan (omnibus) (2001)

Ecolitan Prime (omnibus) (2003)

Forever Hero

Dawn for a Distant Earth (1987)

The Silent Warrior (1987)

In Endless Twilight (1988)

The Forever Hero (omnibus) (1999)


The Magic of Recluce (1991)

The Towers of Sunset (1992)

The Magic Engineer (1994)

The Order War (1995)

The Death of Chaos (1995)

Fall of Angels (1996)

The Chaos Balance (1997)

The White Order (1998)

Colors of Chaos (1999)

Magi'I of Cyador (2000)

Scion of Cyador (2000)

Wellspring of Chaos (2004)

Ordermaster (2005)

Natural Ordermage (2007)

Mage-Guard of Hamor (2008)

Arms-Commander (2010)

Cyador's Heirs (2014)

Heritage of Cyador (2014)

Johan Eschbach

Of Tangible Ghosts (1994)

The Ghost of the Revelator (1998)

Ghost of the White Nights (2001)

Ghosts of Columbia (omnibus) (2005)


The Parafaith War (1996)

The Ethos Effect (2003)

Spellsong Cycle

The Soprano Sorceress (1997)

The Spellsong War (1998)

Darksong Rising (1999)

The Shadow Sorceress (2001)

Shadowsinger (2002)

Corean Chronicles

Legacies (2002)

Darknesses (2003)

Scepters (2004)

Alector's Choice (2005)

Cadmian's Choice (2006)

Soarer's Choice (2006)

The Lord-Protector's Daughter (2008)

Lady-Protector (2011)

Archform: Beauty

Archform : Beauty (2002)

Flash (2004)

Imager Portfolio

Imager (2009)

Imager's Challenge (2009)

Imager's Intrigue (2010)

Scholar (2011)

Princeps (2012)

Imager's Battalion (2013)

Antiagon Fire (2013)

Rex Regis (2014)

Madness in Solidar (2015)

Treachery's Tools (2016)

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