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       James Albert Michener (February 3, 1907 - October 16, 1997) was an American author of more than 40 titles, the majority of which are novels of sweeping sagas, covering the lives of many generations in a particular geographic locale and incorporating historical facts into the story as well. Michener was known for the meticulous research behind his work. Because his books tend to be fairly long, it is sometimes said that "Michener tends to write by the pound."



The Fires of Spring (1949)

The Bridges at Toko Ri (1953)

Sayonara (1954)

Hawaii (1959)

Report of the County Chairman (1961)

Caravans (1963)

The Source (1965)

Quality of Life (1971)

The Drifters (1971)

Centennial (1974)

Chesapeake (1978)

The Covenant (1980)

Space (1982)

Poland (1983)

Texas (1985)

Legacy (1987)

Alaska (1988)

Journey (1988)

Caribbean (1989)

The Eagle and the Raven (1990)

The Novel (1991)

Mexico (1992)

Recessional (1994)

Miracle in Seville (1995)

Matecumbe (2007)

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