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       Bentley Little aka Phillip Emmons was born in Arizona. He received a BA in Communications and an MA in English and Comparative Literature from California State University. He currently lives in Fullerton, California with his wife and son. He also writes under the pseudonym 'Phillip Emmons'.



The Revelation (1990)

The Mailman (1991)

Death Instinct (1992) (as by Phillip Emmons) aka Evil Deeds

The Summoning (1993)

The Night School (1994) aka University

Dominion (1995)

The Store (1996)

The House (1997) aka Houses

The Ignored (1997)

Guests (1997)

The Walking (2000)

The Town (2000)

The Association (2001)

The Return (2002)

The Policy (2003)

The Resort (2004)

Dispatch (2005)

The Burning (2006)

The Vanishing (2007)

The Academy (2008)

His Father's Son (2009)

The Disappearance (2010)

The Haunted (2012)

The Influence (2013)

The Consultant (2015)

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