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       Born in Ohio, 1944. Moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1962 and has lived there ever since. Katharine Kerr has read extensively in the fields of classical archeology, and medieval and dark ages history and literature, and these influences are clear in her work. Her epic Deverry series has won widespread praise and millions of fans around the world.



Daggerspell (1986)

Darkspell (1987)

The Bristling Wood (1989) aka Dawnspell: The Bristling Wood

The Dragon Revenant (1990) aka Dragonspell: The Southern Sea

Deverry: Three Tales (2014)

Polar City (with Kate Daniel)

Polar City Blues (1990)

Polar City Nightmare (2000)

Deverry: The Westlands

A Time of Exile (1991)

A Time of Omens (1992)

Days of Blood and Fire (1993) aka A Time of War

Days of Air and Darkness (1994) aka A Time of Justice

Deverry: The Dragon Mage

The Red Wyvern (1997)

The Black Raven (1999)

The Fire Dragon (2000)

Deverry: The Silver Wyrm

The Gold Falcon (2006)

The Spirit Stone (2006)

The Shadow Isle (2008)

The Silver Mage (2009)

Nola O'Grady

License to Ensorcell (2011)

Water to Burn (2011)

Apocalypse to Go (2012)

Love on the Run (2012)


Sorcerer's Luck (2013)

Sorcerer's Feud (2014)

Anthologies edited

Weird Tales from Shakespeare (1994) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Enchanted Forests (1995)

The Shimmering Door (1996) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Sorceries (1996)

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