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       Robert Jay Arthur, Jr. (November 10, 1909, Corregidor, Philippines, - May 2, 1969, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a mystery writer known for The Mysterious Traveler radio series and his Three Investigators series of novels. He is frequently confused with the film producer Robert Arthur, who was nine days older than mystery writer Robert Arthur, Jr.


Series contributed to

Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators

The Secret of Terror Castle (1964)

The Mystery of the Stuttering Parrot (1964)

The Mystery of the Whispering Mummy (1965)

The Mystery of the Green Ghost (1965)

The Mystery of the Vanishing Treasure (1966)

The Secret of Skeleton Island (1966)

The Mystery of the Fiery Eye (1967)

The Mystery of the Silver Spider (1967)

The Mystery of the Screaming Clock (1968)

The Mystery of the Talking Skull (1969)

Anthologies edited

Stories for Late at Night (1961)

Alfred Hitchcock's Haunted Houseful (1962) (with Alfred Hitchcock)

Ghosts and More Ghosts (1963)

Stories My Mother Never Told Me (1963)

Davy Jones's Haunted Locker (1965)

Stories Not for the Nervous (1965)

Alfred Hitchcock's Ghostly Gallery (1966) (with Alfred Hitchcock)

Spellbinders in Suspense (1967)

Spies and More Spies (1967)

Stories That Scared Even Me (1967)

Monster Mix (1968)

Thrillers and More Thrillers (1968)

A Month of Mystery (1969)

Mystery and More Mystery (1971)

Alfred Hitchcock's Monster Museum (1973) (with Alfred Hitchcock)

Alfred Hitchcock's Witch's Brew (1977) (with Alfred Hitchcock)

Anthologies containing stories by Robert Arthur

Science-Fiction Carnival (1953)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1957)

The Unknown (1963)

The Golden Road (1974)

The 11th Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories (1975)

The Black Magic Omnibus Volume 1 (1976)

The Great SF Stories Two (1979)

The Great SF Stories 3 (1980)

Realms of Darkness (1985)

A Treasury of American Horror Stories (1986)

Short stories

The Jokester

The Mirror of Cagliostro

Footsteps Invisible (1940)

Postpaid to Paradise (1940) aka Postmarked for Paradise

The Believers (1941)

Mr Jinx (1941)

Evolution's End (1949)

The Wheel of Time (1950)

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