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       Jack Higgins is, like James Graham, Martin Fallon and Hugh Marlowe, a roundand pseudonym for his real name: Harry Patterson. Jack Higgins is nowadaysa multi-millionaire who lives on Jersey (one of the Channel Islands) with his wife.

Jack Higgins was born July 27th and raised in Belfast in a family with apolitical background and frequently experienced the worst aspect of thetroubles during his youth. He later moved to Leeds, left school with noqualification at an early age and had a succession of jobs, including two years as an NCO inthe Royal House of Guards serving on the East German border during the ColdWar.

He was then accepted as an external student at London University while working as a circus tent-hand, a tram conductor and most things in between, and a degree in sociology took him into teaching before he became a full-time author. He was already a writer of adventure stories when he, in his forties, wrote "The eagle has landed" but this highly original war novel turned him into an international bestselling author. His novels have been translated into more than forty languages. He is also the Patron of the Jersey Film Society.

He now holds a honorary award at Leeds Metropolitan university and is a professor a Manchester University.


Paul Chevasse (as by Martin Fallon)

The Testament of Caspar Schultz (1961) aka The Bormann Testament

Year of the Tiger (1963)

The Keys of Hell (1965)

Midnight Never Comes (1966)

The Dark Side of the Street (1967)

A Fine Night for Dying (1969)

Day of Judgement (1978)

Nick Miller

The Graveyard Shift (1965)

Brought in Dead (1967)

Hell Is Always Today (1968)

Simon Vaughn (as by Martin Fallon)

The Dark Side of the Street (1967)

Day of Judgement (1978)


Sad Wind from the Sea (1959)

Cry of the Hunter (1960)

The Thousand Faces of Night (1961)

Comes the Dark Stranger (1962)

Hell Is Too Crowded (1962)

The Dark Side of the Island (1963)

Pay the Devil (1963)

Seven Pillars to Hell (1963) (as by Hugh Marlowe) aka Sheba

Passage By Night (1964) (as by Hugh Marlowe)

A Phoenix in Blood (1964)

Thunder At Noon (1964) aka Dillinger

Wrath of the Lion (1964)

A Candle for the Dead (1966) (as by Hugh Marlowe) aka The Violent Enemy

The Iron Tiger (1966)

A Game for Heroes (1970) (as by James Graham)

Toll for the Brave (1971)

The Wrath of God (1972) (as by James Graham)

The Khufra Run (1973) (as by James Graham)

The Run to Morning (1974) (as by James Graham) aka Bloody Passage

To Catch a King (1979)

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