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       Hambly aka Barbara Hamilton was born in San Diego, California and grew up in Montclair, California. Her parents, Edward Everett Hambly Jr. and Florence Moraski Hambly, are from a coal-mining town in eastern Pennsylvania. She has an older sister, Mary Ann Sanders, and a younger brother, Edward Everett Hambly III.

Hambly has a Masters in Medieval History from the University of California at Riverside, completing her degree in 1975 and spending a year in Bordeaux as part of her studies. Her first novel to be published was Time of the Dark in 1982 by Del Rey.

Hambly was married for some years to fellow science fiction writer George Alec Effinger before his death in 2002. She now lives in Los Angeles. Hambly speaks freely of suffering from seasonal affective disorder, which was undiagnosed for years


Assorted Books by Barbara Hambly


The Time of the Dark (1982)

The Walls of Air (1983)

The Armies of Daylight (1983)

Mother of Winter (1996)

Icefalcon's Quest (1998)

The Darwath Trilogy (omnibus) (1988)

Pretty Polly (2015)

Whisper (Darwath series) (2015)

Sun Wolf and Starhawk

The Ladies of Mandrigyn (1984)

The Witches of Wenshar (1987)

The Dark Hand of Magic (1990)

The Unschooled Wizard (omnibus) (1987)

The Sun Wolf and Starhawk Series (omnibus) (2013)

Fairest in the Land (2015)

Nanya of the Butterflies (2015)

A Night With the Girls (2015)


Dragonsbane (1985)

Dragonshadow (1999)

The Knight of the Demon Queen (2000)

Dragonstar (2002)

Winterlands (omnibus) (1999)

Princess (2015)

Shadowbaby (2015)

Damselblossom (2015)


The Silent Tower (1986)

The Silicon Mage (1988)

Dog Wizard (1992)

Darkmage (omnibus) (1988)

Corridor (2015)

Firemaggot (2015)

Personal Paradise (2015)

Plus-One (2015)

Zenobie (2015)

James Asher

Immortal Blood (1988) aka Those Who Hunt the Night

Traveling with the Dead (1995)

Blood Maidens (2010)

The Magistrates of Hell (2012)

The Kindred of Darkness (2013)

Darkness on His Bones (2015)


The Rainbow Abyss (1991)

The Magicians of Night (1992)

Sun-Cross (omnibus) (1992)

Benjamin January

A Free Man of Color (1997)

Fever Season (1998)

Graveyard Dust (1999)

Sold Down the River (2000)

Die upon a Kiss (2001)

Wet Grave (2002)

Days of the Dead (2003)

Dead Water (2004)

Dead and Buried (2010)

The Shirt on His Back (2011)

Ran Away (2011)

Good Man Friday (2013)

Crimson Angel (2014)

Drinking Gourd (2016)

Hagar (2015)

Libre (2015)

There Shall Your Heart Be Also (2015)

A Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven (2015)

Sisters of the Raven

Sisters of the Raven (2002)

Circle of the Moon (2005)

Anne Steelyard: The Garden of Emptiness

An Honorary Man (2008)

The Gate of Dreams and Starlight (2009)

A Thousand Waters (2011)

Further Adventues of Sherlock Holmes

Adventure of the Lost Boy (2015)

Adventure of the Sinister Chinaman (2015)


The Quirinal Hill Affair (1983) aka Search the Seven Hills

Stranger at the Wedding (1994) aka Sorcerer's Ward

Bride of the Rat God (1994)

The Emancipator's Wife (2005)

Renfield (2006)

Patriot Hearts (2007)

Homeland (2009)

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