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       Joe Haldeman aka Robert Graham has served twice as president of the Science Fiction Writers of America and is currently an adjunct professor teaching writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Forever War

The Forever War (1974)

Forever Peace (1997)

Forever Free (1999)

Peace and War (omnibus) (2006)

Attar the Merman (as by Robert Graham)

Attar's Revenge (1975)

War of Nerves (1975)


Worlds (1981)

Worlds Apart (1983)

Worlds Enough and Time (1992)


Marsbound (2008)

Starbound (2009)

Earthbound (2011)

Joe Haldeman Omnibus (omnibus) (2013)


War Year (1972)

Mindbridge (1976)

1968 (1984)

Tool of the Trade (1987)

The Long Habit of Living (1989) aka Buying Time

The Coming (2000)

Guardian (2002)

Camouflage (2004)

Old Twentieth (2005)

The Accidental Time Machine (2007)

Work Done for Hire (2014)

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