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       Frankowski was nominated for the John W. Campbell award for best new writer. His occupations ranged from scientist in an electro-optical research lab to chief engineer to company president. His work in chemical and optical instrumentation earned him several patents.


Adventures of Conrad Stargard

The Cross-Time Engineer (1986)

The High-Tech Knight (1989)

The Radiant Warrior (1989)

The Flying Warlord (1989)

The Lord Conrad's Lady (1990) aka Conrad's Lady

Conrad's Quest for Rubber (1998)

Lord Conrad's Crusade (2005) (with Rodger Olsen)

Conrad's Last Campaign (2014)

Conrad's Time Machine (2002)

Boy and his tank

A Boy and His Tank (1999)

The War With Earth (2003) (with Dave Grossman)

Kren of the Mitchigai (2004)


Copernick's Rebellion (1987)

The Fata Morgana (1999)

The Two-Space War (2004) (with Dave Grossman)


Leo Frankowski Boxed Set (1989)

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