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       S. D. Perry aka Stella Howard, Stephani Perry is a novelist living in Portland, Oregon. She is currently lives with her husband, Myk, her two children Cyrus and Myk Jr, and their two dogs. She mostly writes tie-in novels based on works in the fantasy/science-fiction/horror genre, including Resident Evil, Star Trek, Aliens and Predator. She has also written a handful of short stories and movie novelizations. Her favorite Star Trek series is the original series, with her favorite characters being "The Big Three" - Kirk, Spock and McCoy.



Timecop (1994)

Virus (1998)

Wonder Woman (2008) (with Britta Dennison)

The Summer Man (2013)


Aliens Omnibus Vol 2 (1996) (with David Bischoff (as by Stephani Perry) and Steve Perry)

Series contributed to


The Female War (1993) (as by Stephani Perry) (with Steve Perry)

Labyrinth (1996) (with Jim Woodring)

Berserker (1998)

Criminal Enterprise (2008)

Alien Omnibus 1 (omnibus) (2016) (as by Stephani Perry) (with Steve Perry)

Aliens Vs Predator

Prey (1994) (with Steve Perry)

War (1996)

Aliens Vs Predator Omnibus (omnibus) (1995) (with David Bischoff (as by Stephani Perry) and Steve Perry)

Xena - Warrior Princess (as by Stella Howard)

Prophecy of Darkness (1997)

Resident Evil

Zero Hour (2004)

The Umbrella Conspiracy (1998)

Caliban Cove (1998)

City of the Dead (1999)

Underworld (1999)

Nemesis (2000)

Code: Veronica (2001)

Star Trek : Deep Space Nine

The Avatar, Book One (2001)

The Avatar, Book Two (2001)

Rising Son (2002)

Unity (2003)

Twist of Faith (omnibus) (2007) (with Keith R A DeCandido, Jeffrey Lang and David Weddle)

Star Trek : Section 31

Cloak (2001)

Star Trek : Terok Nor (with Britta Dennison)

Night of the Wolves (2008)

Dawn of the Eagles (2008)

Star Trek : The Original Series

Inception (2010)

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