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       Carol Berg has taught maths, childbirth preparation and parenting, and currently works as a software engineer. She lives with her husband in Colorado, USA.


Books of the Rai-kirah

Transformation (2000)

Revelation (2001)

Restoration (2002)

Bridge of D'Arnath

Son of Avonar (2004)

Guardians of the Keep (2004)

The Soul Weaver (2005)

Daughter of Ancients (2005)


Flesh and Spirit (2007)

Breath and Bone (2007)

Collegia Magica

The Spirit Lens (2009)

The Soul Mirror (2011)

The Daemon Prism (2012)

Sanctuary Duet

Dust and Light (2014)

Ash and Silver (2015)


Song of the Beast (2003)

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