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DIANE DUANE is the author of more then twenty science fiction and fantasy novels, including five other books in the Young Wizards series: So You Want to Be a Wizard, Deep Wizardry, High Wizardry, A Wizard Abroad, and The Wizard's Dilemma, all available from Harcourt/Magic Carpet. Four of her Star Trek novels have been New York Times bestsellers, including Spock's World. Ms. Duane lives with her husband in rural Ireland.


Miscellaneous collection of books by Diane Duane

Tale of the Five

The Door into Fire (1979)

The Door into Shadow (1984)

The Door into Sunset (1992)

The Sword and the Dragon (omnibus) (2002)

The Tale of the Five Omnibus (omnibus) (2016)

Young Wizards

So You Want to Be a Wizard? (1983)

Deep Wizardry (1985)

High Wizardry (1990)

A Wizard Abroad (1993)

The Wizard's Dilemma (2001)

A Wizard Alone (2002)

The Wizard's Holiday (2003)

Wizards at War (2005)

A Wizard of Mars (2010)

Games Wizards Play (2016)

Space Cops (with Peter Morwood)

Mindblast (1991)

Kill Station (1992)

High Moon (1992)


UFO Defense (1995)

Outer Limits (with Harlan Ellison, John M Ford and Howard V Hendrix)

The Outer Limits, Volume One (1996)

Cat Wizards

The Book of Night with Moon (1997)

To Visit the Queen (1999)

Outer Limits

The Outer Limits : Volume Two (1997) (with Fredric Brown, Richard A Lupoff and Michael Marano)

The Outer Limits : Volume Three (1997) (with Eando Binder, Richard A Lupoff and Phoebe Reeves)


Omnitopia Dawn (2010)

East Wind (2011)

Raetian Tales

A Wind from the South (2011)


On Her Majesty's Wizardly Service (1998)

Stealing the Elf-King's Roses (2002)

Uchenna's Apples (2015)


Uptown Local (2011)

Interim Errantry (2015)


Horror at Halloween: Part Three (2011)

Not On My Patch (2015)

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