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       David Drake, an attorney and veteran SF and fantasy author, lives near Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


Hammer's Slammers

Hammer's Slammers (1979)

The Tank Lords (omnibus) (1986)

Cross the Stars (1984)

At Any Price (1985)

The Butcher's Bill (omnibus) (1998)

Counting the Cost (1987)

Rolling Hot (1989)

The Warrior (1991)

The Sharp End (1993)

The Voyage (1994)

Paying the Piper (2002)

Tom Kelly

Skyripper (1983)

Fortress (1987)

World of Crystal Walls

The Sea Hag (1988)


Men Hunting Things (1988)

Things Hunting Men (1988)

Bluebloods (1990)


Northworld (1990)

Vengeance (1991)

Justice (1992)

Seas of Venus

Surface Action (1990)

The Jungle (1991)

Seas of Venus (omnibus) (2002)

Raj Whitehall

The Forge (1991) (with S M Stirling)

The Hammer (1992) (with S M Stirling)

The Anvil (1993) (with S M Stirling)

The Steel (1993) (with S M Stirling)

The Sword (1995) (with S M Stirling)

The Chosen (1996) (with S M Stirling)

The Reformer (1999) (with S M Stirling)

The Tyrant (2002) (with Eric Flint)

The Heretic (2013) (with Tony Daniel)

Warlord (omnibus) (2003) (with S M Stirling)

The Conqueror (omnibus) (2003) (with S M Stirling)

Hope Reborn (omnibus) (2013) (with S M Stirling)

War and Honor (with Gordon R Dickson, Christopher Stasheff and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)

Blood and War (1993)


Igniting the Reaches (1994)

Through the Breach (1995)

Fireships (1996)

The Reaches (omnibus) (2004)

ARC Riders (with Janet Morris)

ARC Riders (1995)

The Fourth Rome (1996)

Lord of the Isles

Lord of the Isles (1997)

Queen of Demons (1998)

Servant of the Dragon (1999)

Mistress of the Catacombs (2001)

Goddess of the Ice Realm (2003)

Master of the Cauldron (2004)

Belisarius (with Eric Flint)

An Oblique Approach (1998)

In the Heart of Darkness (1998)

Destiny's Shield (1999)

Fortune's Stroke (2000)

The Tide of Victory (2001)

The Dance of Time (2006)

RCN : Lt. Leary

With the Lightnings (1998)

Leary, Commanding (2000)

The Far Side of The Stars (2003)

The Way to Glory (2005)

Some Golden Harbor (2006)

When the Tide Rises (2008)

In the Stormy Red Sky (2009)

What Distant Deeps (2010)

The Road of Danger (2012)

The Sea Without a Shore (2014)

Death's Bright Day (2016)

Crown of the Isles

The Fortress of Glass (2006)

The Mirror of Worlds (2007)

The Gods Return (2008)

Belisarius Omnibus (with Eric Flint)

Thunder at Dawn (2008)

Storm at Noontide (2009)

The Flames of Sunset (2009)

Books of the Elements

The Legions of Fire (2010)

Out of the Waters (2011)

Monsters of the Earth (2013)

Air and Darkness (2015)

Citizen (with John Lambshead)

Into the Hinterlands (2011)

Into the Maelstrom (2015)


The Dragon Lord (1979)

The Forlorn Hope (1984)

Birds of Prey (1984)

Killer (1985) (with Karl Edward Wagner)

Active Measures (1985) (with Janet Morris)

Strangers and Lovers (1985)

Bridgehead (1986)

Lacey and His Friends (1986)

Ranks of Bronze (1986)

Kill Ratio (1987) (with Janet Morris)

Vettius and His Friends (1989)

Target (1989) (with Janet Morris)

The Undesired Princess and the Enchanted Bunny (1990) (with L Sprague de Camp)

The Hunter Returns (1991) (with Jim Kjelgaard)

Old Nathan (1991)

Starliner (1992)

Tyrannosaur (1994)

Enemy of My Enemy (1995) (with Ben Ohlander)

Redliners (1996)

All the Way to the Gallows (1996)

Patriots (1996)

Other Times Than Peace (2006)

Voyage Across the Stars (2012)

Dinosaurs & A Dirigible (2014)


Time Safari (1982)

From the Heart of Darkness (1983)

The Military Dimension (1991)

The Military Dimension Mark II (1995)

The Warmasters (2002) (with Eric Flint and David Weber)

Grimmer Than Hell (2003)

Mountain Magic (2004) (with Eric Flint, Henry Kuttner and Ryk E Spoor)

Balefires (2007)

Lest Darkness Fall & Related Stories (2011) (with L Sprague de Camp, Frederik Pohl and S M Stirling)

Night & Demons (2012)

Anthologies edited

A Century of Horror 1970-1979 (1987) (with Martin H Greenberg)

Space Gladiators (1989) (with Martin H Greenberg and Charles G Waugh)

A Separate Star (1989) (with Sandra Miesel)

Heads to the Storm (1989) (with Sandra Miesel)

Space Infantry (1989) (with Martin H Greenberg and Charles G Waugh)

The Eternal City (1989)

Space Dreadnoughts (1990) (with Martin H Greenberg and Charles G Waugh)

Armageddon (1998) (with Billie Sue Mosiman)

Foreign Legions (2001) (with Eric Flint and David Weber)

Dogs of War (2002)

The World Turned Upside Down (2005) (with Jim Baen and Eric Flint)

Battlestations (2011) (with Bill Fawcett)

Short stories

The Butcher's Bill

Caught in the Crossfire

Cultural Conflict


Standing Down

Killer (1974) (with Karl Edward Wagner)

The Shortest Way (1974)

Under the Hammer (1974)

Awakening (1975)

The Barrow Troll (1975)

But Loyal to His Own (1975)

Dragon's Teeth (1975)

Something Had to Be Done (1975)

Blood Debt (1976)

Children of the Forest (1976)

Firefight (1976)

The Hunting Ground (1976)

Smokie Joe (1977)

Best of Luck (1978)

Nemesis Place (1978)

The Red Leer (1979)

The Automatic Rifleman (1980)

Men Like Us (1980)

Than Curse the Darkness (1980)

The Dancer in the Flames (1982)

Out of Africa (1983)

The Fool (1987)

Rescue Mission (1988)

The End of the Hunt (1989)

Cannibal Plants From Heck (1994)

A Very Offensive Weapon (1995)

Dragon, the Book (1999)

The Tradesmen (2000)

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