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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Thom Demijohn, Leonie Hargrave, Victor Hastings, Cassandra Knye

Poet and cynic, Thomas M. Disch brought to the sf of the New Wave a camp sensibility and a sardonicism that too much sf had lacked. His sf novels include Camp Concentration, with its colony of prisoners mutated into super-intelligence by the bacteria that will in due course kill them horribly, and On Wings of Song, in which many of the brightest and best have left their bodies for what may be genuine, or entirely illusory, astral flight and his hero has to survive until his lover comes back to him; both are stunningly original books and both are among sf's more accomplishedly bitter-sweet works.

In recent years, Disch had turned to ironically moralized horror novels like The Businessman, The MD, The Priest and The Sub in which the nightmare of American suburbia is satirized through the terrible things that happen when the magical gives people the chance to do what they really really want. Perhaps Thomas M. Disch's best known work, though, is The Brave Little Toaster, a reworking of the Brothers Grimm's "Town Musicians of Bremen" featuring wornout domestic appliances -- what was written as a satire on sentimentality became a successful 's animated musical.

Thomas M. Disch died on July 4, 2008.


Supernatural Minnesota

The Businessman (1984)

The M.D. (1991)

The Priest (1994)

The Sub (1999)

Brave Little Toaster

The Brave Little Toaster (1986)

The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars (1988)


The Genocides (1965)

The House That Fear Built (1966) (as by Cassandra Knye)

The Puppies of Terra (1966) aka Mankind Under the Leash

Echo Round His Bones (1967)

Black Alice (1968) (as by Thom Demijohn)

Camp Concentration (1968)

Alfred the Great (1969) (as by Victor Hastings)

334 (1972)

Clara Reeve (1975) (as by Leonie Hargrave)

On Wings of Song (1979)

Neighboring Lives (1981) (with Charles Naylor) aka Neighbouring Lives

The Silver Pillow (1988)

The Proteus Sails Again (2008)


One Hundred and Two H-Bombs (1966)

Under Compulsion (1968) aka Fun with Your New Head

Highway Sandwiches (poems) (1970) (with Marilyn Hacker and Charles Platt)

White Fang Goes Dingo (1971)

The Right Way to Figure Plumbing (1972)

Getting into Death (1974)

The Early Science Fiction Stories of Thomas M Disch (1977)

Triplicity (1979)

Haikus of a Pillow (poems) (1980)

Fundamental Disch (1980)

Burn This (poems) (1982)

The Man Who Had No Idea (1982)

Orders of the Retina (poems) (1982)

Here I Am, There You Are, Where Were We (poems) (1984)

The Tale of Dan de Lion (poems) (1986)

Yes, Let's (poems) (1989)

Dark Verses and Light (poems) (1991)

The Dark Old House (poems) (1996)

A Child's Garden of Grammar (poems) (2002)

About the Size of It (poems) (2006)

The Wall of America (2008)


Ringtime (1983)

Torturing Mr Amberwell (1985)


The Voyage of the Proteus (2008)

Non fiction

The Castle of Indolence (1995)

The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made of (1998)

The Castle of Perseverance (2002)

Disch On Sci-fi (2005)

The Word of God (2008)

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