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       William C. Dietz is the author of more than twenty science fiction novels. He grew up in the Seattle area, spent time with the Navy and Marine Corps as a medic, graduated from the University of Washington, lived in Africa for half a year, and has traveled to six continents. Dietz has been employed as a surgical technician, college instructor, news writer, and television producer, and currently serves as Director of Public Relations and Marketing for an international telephone company. He and his wife live in the Seattle area, where they enjoy traveling, boating, snorkling, and not too surprisingly, reading books.



Freehold (1987)

Prison Planet (1989)

Bodyguard (1994)

Where the Ships Die (1996)

Steelheart (1998)

Snake Eye (2006)

Ejecta (2010)

The Seeds of Man (2013)

Sam McCade

War World (1986) aka Galactic Bounty

Imperial Bounty (1988)

Alien Bounty (1990)

McCade's Bounty (1990)

Corvan Duology

Matrix Man (1990)

Mars Prime (1992)

Pik Lando

Drifter (1991)

Drifter's Run (1992)

Drifter's War (1992)

Legion of the Damned

Legion of the Damned (1993)

The Final Battle (1995)

By Blood Alone (1999)

By Force of Arms (2000)

For More Than Glory (2003)

For Those Who Fell (2004)

When All Seems Lost (2007)

When Duty Calls (2008)

A Fighting Chance (2011)

Sauron Duology

Deathday (2001)

Earthrise (2002)

Jak Rebo

Runner (2005)

Logos Run (2006)


Enemy Within (2007)


The Gathering Storm (2009)

A Hole in the Sky (2011)

Empire Duology

At Empire's Edge (2009)

Bones of Empire (2010)

Prequel Legion of the Damned

Andromeda's Fall (2012)

Andromeda's Choice (2013)

Andromeda's War (2014)

Mutant Files

Deadeye (2015)

Redzone (2015)

Graveyard (2016)

America Rising

Into the Guns (2016)


Rogan's World (2013)

Short stories

The Bodyguard And the Client Who Wouldn't Die (1999)

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