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       Gordon Dickson was as influential as Robert A. Heinlein in the creation of the sub-genre of military space opera--his Dorsai! is a significantly more considered work than Heinlein's Starship Troopers. It inaugurated a sequence of Future History novels in which the isolation of colonies has produced specialized sub-species of humanity--dominated by the warrior, the religious, the mystic and the acquisitive temperaments, for example--which produce fertile chaos when brought back into close contact and are the key to humanity's future transcendence; Dickson projected a sequence of historical novels linked to the Dorsai books which through representative figures would clarify his argument--his sympathies and the readers tend to be mostly with the ethical mercenaries of the Dorsai, but Dickson's portrayal and perception of the military virtues is sufficiently complex constantly to wrongfoot our expectations. Dickson's best non-sequence novel is probably Time Storm in which a motley group of adventurers cope with a landscape drawn from all of Earth's history; its charismatic flawed hero has an attractive unhappiness to balance his omnicompetence. A fantasy sequence, which started with The Dragon and the George, sets a contemporary adventurer loose in a magic world at once comic and ethically complex where human beings and dragons share a common culture.


Hoka (with Poul Anderson)

Earthman's Burden (1957)

Star Prince Charlie (1975)

Hoka! (1983)

Hokas Pokas (2000)

Hoka! Hoka! Hoka! (1983)

Childe Cycle

Dorsai! (1959) aka The Genetic General

Necromancer (1962) aka No Room for Man

Soldier, Ask Not (1967)

The Tactics of Mistake (1971)

The Spirit of Dorsai (1979)

Lost Dorsai (1978)

The Final Encyclopedia (1984)

The Chantry Guild (1988)

Young Bleys (1991)

Other (1994)

Antagonist (2007) (with David W Wixon)

Under the Sea

Secret Under the Sea (1960)

Secret Under Antarctica (1963)

Secret Under the Caribbean (1964)


Spacial Delivery (1961)

Spacepaw (1969)

The Right to Arm Bears (2000)

Sea People

The Space Swimmers (1967)

Home from the Shore (1978)

Dragon and the George

The Dragon and the George (1976)

The Dragon Knight (1990)

The Dragon on the Border (1992)

The Dragon at War (1992)

The Dragon, the Earl, and the Troll (1994)

The Dragon and the Djinn (1996)

The Dragon and the Gnarly King (1997)

The Dragon in Lyonesse (1998)

The Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent (2000)

Jim Eckert

Beyond the Dar al-Harb (1985)

War and Honor

The Harriers (1991) (with Shariann Lewitt, Steve Perry and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)

Blood and War (1993) (with David Drake, Christopher Stasheff and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)


Alien from Arcturus (1956) aka Arcturus Landing

Mankind on the Run (1956) aka On the Run

Time to Teleport (1960)

Delusion World (1961)

Naked to the Stars (1961)

The Alien Way (1965)

Mission to Universe (1965)

Space Winners (1965)

None But Man (1969)

Wolfling (1969)

Hour of the Horde (1970)

Sleepwalker's World (1971)

The Outposter (1972)

The Pritcher Mass (1972)

The R-Master (1973)

Alien Art (1973)

Gremlins, Go Home! (1974) (with Ben Bova)

The Lifeship (1976) (with Harry Harrison) aka Lifeboat

Time Storm (1977)

The Far Call (1978)

Pro (1978)

Masters of Everon (1980)

The Man from Earth (1983)

The Last Master (1984)

Jamie the Red (1984) (with Roland Green Eckert)

Secrets of the Deep (1985)

Steel Brother (1985)

The Dorsai Companion (1986)

The Forever Man (1986)

Way of the Pilgrim (1987)

The Earth Lords (1988)

Wolf and Iron (1990)

The Magnificent Wilf (1995)


It Hardly Seems Fair (2011)

No Shield from the Dead (2011)

Idiot Solvant (2013)

The Question (2015)

Short stories

The Present State of Igneos Research

Sleight of Wit

The Monkey Wrench (1951)

Black Charlie (1954)

Joy in Mudville (1955) (with Poul Anderson)

St. Dragon and the George (1957)

The Christmas Present (1958)

Last Voyage (1958)

The Dreamsman (1959)

The Man in the Mailbag (1959)

An Honorable Death (1961)

Home from the Shore (1962)

Dolphin's Way (1964)

Soldier, Ask Not (1964)

Computers Don't Argue (1965)

Call Him Lord (1966)

Jackal's Meal (1969)

Jean Dupres (1970)

Brothers (1973)

The Cloak and the Staff (1980)

Lost Dorsai (1980)

See Now, a Pilgrim (1985)


Planet Run (1967) (with Keith Laumer)

Danger - Human (1970) aka The Book of Gordon R. Dickson

The Day the Sun Stood Still (1972) (with Poul Anderson and Robert Silverberg)

The Star Road (1973)

Mutants (1974)

Ancient, My Enemy (1974)

In the Bone (1978)

Gordon R. Dickson's SF Best (1978)

In Iron Years (1980)

Love Not Human (1981)

Dickson! (1984)

Survival! (1984)

Forward! (1985) (with Sandra Miesel)

Invaders! (1985)

The Last Dream (1986)

Mindspan (1986) (with Sandra Miesel)

The Man the Worlds Rejected (1986)

Stranger (1987)

Guided Tour (1988)

Beginnings (1988)

Ends (1988)

The Human Edge (2003)

Time Grabber (2009)

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