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Perry Rhodan

Enterprise Stardust (1969) (with Walter Ernsting)

The Radiant Dome (1969) (with Walter Ernsting)

The Vega Sector (1970) (with Walter Ernsting and Kurt Mahr)

Fortress of the Six Moons (1971)

The Immortal Unknown (1972)

The Cosmic Decoy (1973)

Realm of the Tri-Planets (1973)

Man and Monster (1973)

Time's Lonely One (1974)

Again: Atlan! (1974)

Fortress Atlantis (1974)

The Last Days of Atlantis (1975)

Crimson Universe (1975)

Power Key (1975)

The Columbus Affair (1975) (with William Voltz)

The Mystery of the Anti (1976)

The Target Star (1976)

The Blue System (1976)

Duel Under the Double Sun (1977)

Savior of the Empire (1977)

Perry Rhodan Atlan

The Crystal Prince (1977)

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