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       John Dalmas -pseudonym for John Robert Jones- grew up in Minnesota and Michigan and now resides in Spokane, Washington. He was a parachute infantryman in WWII and was discharged in 1946 without ever being put seriously in harm's way. He has worked as a longshoreman, merchant seaman, logger, construction worker, and smokejumper. He attended Michigan State, majoring in forestry, but also taking creative writing.



The Yngling (1971)

Homecoming (1984)

The Yngling and the Circle of Power (1992)

The Yngling in Yamato (1994)


Fanglith (1985)

Return to Fanglith (1987)


The Regiment (1987)

The White Regiment (1990)

The Kalif's War (1991)

The Regiment's War (1993)

The Three-Cornered War (1998)

Lizard War

The Lizard War (1989)

The Helverti Invasion (2003)

Lion of Farside

The Lion of Farside (1995)

The Bavarian Gate (1997)

The Lion Returns (1999)


The Second Coming (2004)

The Signature of God: Volume 1 (2013)

Chronicle from the 31st century

Soldiers! Volume 1 (2013)

Soldiers! Volume 2 (2013)


The Varkaus Conspiracy (1983)

Touch the Stars (1983) (with Carl Martin)

The Scroll of Man (1985)

The Reality Matrix (1986)

The Walkaway Clause (1986)

The Playmasters (1987) (with Rod Martin)

The General's President (1988)

The Lantern of God (1989)

Soldiers (2001)

The Puppet Master (2001)

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