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       Arthur Wilson "Bob" Tucker was an American theater technician who became well known as a writer of mystery, action adventure, and science fiction under the name Wilson Tucker.

        Tucker was also a prominent member of science fiction fandom, who wrote extensively for fanzines under the name Bob Tucker, a family nickname bestowed in childhood (his own mis-pronunciation of the nickname "Bub"). He became a prominent analyst and critic of the field, as well as the coiner of such terms as "space opera".



The City in the Sea (1951)

The Long, Loud Silence (1952) Download

Man from Tomorrow (1954) aka Wild Talent

The Man in My Grave (1956)

The Hired Target (1957)

The Lincoln Hunters (1958)

To the Tombaugh Station (1960)

Last Stop (1963)

A Procession of the Damned (1965)

The Warlock (1967)

The Year of the Quiet Sun (1970) Download

This Witch (1972)

Ice and Iron (1974)

Resurrection Days (1981)

Charles Horne

The Chinese Doll (1946)

To Keep or Kill (1947)

The Dove (1948)

The Stalking Man (1949)

Red Herring (1951)

Gilbert Nash

The Time Masters (1953)

Time Bomb (1955) aka Tomorrow Plus X

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