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       aka William Lee. William Seward Burroughs Jnr. always looked like the straight man among the Beat Generation, but his writing - violent, satirical, scatological, pornographic - makes the others look tame.Burroughs was born into middle-class respectability and after studying English at Harvard and medicine in Vienna, trained as a glider pilot with the American military but was discharged as unfit for service in 1942. While working in the New York shipyards he became addicted to heroin.His first book Junkie: confessions of an unredeemed drug addict was published under the pseudonym William Lee in 1953. His next novel Naked Lunch, 1959, was banned in the USA and first published by Maurice Girodias in Paris. It eventually came out in Britain in 1964. His later work became less outlandish.


Nova Trilogy

The Soft Machine (1961) Download

The Ticket That Exploded (1962)

Nova Express (1964)

Cities of the Night

Cities of the Red Night: A Boy's Book (1981) Download

The Place of Dead Roads (1984)

The Western Lands (1987)


Junkie: Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict (1953) (as by William Lee) aka Junky

Naked Lunch (1959)

Exterminator! (1960) (with Brion Gysin)

Minutes To Go (1960) (with Sinclair Beilles, Gregory Corso and Brion Gysin)

Dead Fingers Talk (1963)

The Last Words of Dutch Schultz: A Fiction in the Form of a Film Script (1970)

The Wild Boys: A Book of the Dead (1971)

Port of Saints (1975)

The Book of Breathing (1980) aka Ah Pook is Here

Queer (1985)

And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks (2008) (with Jack Kerouac)

Rules of Duel (2010) (with Graham Masterton)


White Subway (1974)

Blade Runner: A Movie (1979)

Ghost of Chance (1991)

The Cat Inside (1992)

Non fiction

The Yage Letters (1963) (with Allen Ginsberg)

Snack: Two Tape Transcripts (1975) (with Eric Mottram)

Burroughs Live (1977)

Letters to Allen Ginsberg, 1953-1957 (1981)

The Job: Interviews With William S. Burroughs (1982)

Burroughs: Letters (1988)

My Education: A Book of Dreams (1989)

Last Words: The Final Journals of William S. Boroughs, November 1996-July 1997 (1990)

With William Burroughs: A Report from the Bunker (1991)

Collected Interviews of William S. Burroughs (1993)

The Letters of William S. Burroughs: 1945 to 1959 (1993)

Conversations with William Burroughs (1995)

A Burroughs Compendium: Calling the Toads (1998)

Call Me Burroughs (1998)

Evil River (2007)

Everything Lost: The Latin American Notebook of William S. Burroughs (2007)

Rub Out the Words: The Letters of William S. Burroughs, 1959-1974 (2012)

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