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U name it, V deliver it   
       aka Keith William Andrews, Robert Cain, Ian Douglas, Keith Douglass, Bill Keith, H Jay Riker. Bill Keith was raised in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, and served in the Navy as a corpsman for many years. In addition to writing fiction and non-fiction works, he is an award-winning illustrator/artist.


Series contributed to


Decision at Thunder Rift (1986) Download

Mercenary's Star (1987) (with Andrew Keith)

The Price of Glory (1987)

Tactics of Duty (1995)

Operation Excalibur (1996)

Renegade Legion

Renegade's Honor (1988)

Buck Rogers

Nomads of the Sky (1992)

Warlords of Jupiter (1993)

Forgotten Realms : Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate (1998)


Two of Minds (2000)


Diplomatic Act (1997) (with Peter Jurasik)

Retief's Peace (2005)

The Last Line (2013) (with Anthony Shaffer)

Cybernarc (as by Robert Cain)

Cybernarc (1991)

Gold Dragon (1991)

Island Kill (1992)

Capo's Revenge (1992)

Shark Bait (1992)

End Game (1993)


Warstrider (1993)

Rebellion (1993)

Jackers (1994)

Symbionts (1995)

Netlink (1995)

Battlemind (1996)

Bolo (with Keith Laumer)

Bolo Brigade (1997)

Bolo Rising (1998)

Bolo Strike (2001)

Deep Black (with Stephen Coonts)

Arctic Gold (2009)

Sea of Terror (2010)

Death Wave (2011)


Free Fall (2011)

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