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       Warren Adler's twenty-five published novels have won popular and critical success all over the world, and they have been translated into more than twenty-five languages. Two of his books were made into major motion pictures, the classic "The War of the Roses" with Michael Douglas and "Random Hearts" with Harrison Ford. Three of his short stories were adapted as a three-hour trilogy on PBS titled "The Sunset Gang." The Lifetime Network is currently producing a pilot for a one-hour television series based on the heroine detective character of his six mystery books, Fiona FitzGerald. The series will be titled "Fiona." Kensington Press recently published his latest novel, "Mourning Glory."

        Mr. Adler's themes deal primarily with intimate human relationships - the mysterious nature of love and attraction, the fragile relationships between husbands and wives and parents and children, and the corrupting power of money. Readers and reviewers have cited his books for their insight and wisdom in presenting and deciphering the complexities of contemporary life.



Options (1974) aka Undertow

The Henderson Equation (1976)

Banquet Before Dawn (1976)

Trans-Siberian Express (1977)

The Casanova Embrace (1978)

Blood Ties (1979)

Natural Enemies (1979)

Random Hearts (1984)

Twilight Child (1985)

We Are Holding the President Hostage (1986)

Madeline's Miracles (1989)

Private Lies (1991)

The Housewife Blues (1992)

Mourning Glory (2001)

Cult (2002)

Children of the Roses (2004)

Funny Boys (2008)

The David Embrace (2010)

Empty Treasures (2010)

Flanagan's Dolls (2010)

The Womanizer (2010)

Residue (2010)

The Serpent's Bite (2012)

Target Churchill (2013) (with James C Humes)

Fiona FitzGerald

American Quartet (1981)

American Sextet (1982)

Death of a Washington Madame (2005)

The Witch of Watergate (1992)

Senator Love (1991)

Immaculate Deception (1991)

The Ties That Bind (1994)

Washington Masquerade (2013)

War of the Roses

The War of the Roses (1981)

The War of the Roses: The Children (2013)


The Sunset Gang (1977)

Never Too Late for Love (1995)

Jackson Hole - Uneasy Eden (1997)

The Washington Dossier Stories (2007)

New York Echoes (2008)

New York Echoes 2 (2011)

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