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       Best-selling novelist VICTORIA ALEXANDER, author of many novels, including A Little Bit Wicked (Avon, 2007) and What a Lady Wants, has been described by Publishers Weekly as "a rising star." She has spent much of her life with a microphone in one hand and a photographer by her side. An award winning television reporter, she's covered presidents, the Pope and movie stars.


Harrington Family

The Perfect Wife (1996) Download

The Virgin's Secret (2009)

Desires of a Perfect Lady (2010)

Effington Family

The Wedding Bargain (1999) Download

The Husband List (2000) Download

The Marriage Lesson (2001) Download

The Prince's Bride (2001) Download

Her Highness, My Wife (2002) Download

Love with the Proper Husband (2003) Download

The Lady in Question (2003)

The Pursuit of Marriage (2004)

A Visit from Sir Nicholas (2004) Download

When We Meet Again (2005) Download

Let It Be Love (2005)

Last Man Standing

A Little Bit Wicked (2007)

What a Lady Wants (2007)

Secrets of a Proper Lady (2007)

Seduction of a Proper Gentleman (2008)


Yesterday and Forever (1995)

Believe (1998)

Paradise Bay (1999)

Lady Amelia's Secret Lover (2007)

The Perfect Mistress (2011)

His Mistress by Christmas (2011)

My Wicked Little Lies (2012)

What Happens at Christmas (2012)

The Importance of Being Wicked (2013)

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