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       Timothy Zahn, the Hugo Award-winning author of more than twenty original novels and the all-time bestselling original Star Wars(tm) novel Heir to the Empire, has captivated readers with his Cobra and Blackcollar series, as well as such marvelous works as his recent Angelmass. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.



The Blackcollar (1983)

The Backlash Mission (1986)

The Judas Solution (2006)


Cobra (1985)

Cobra Strike (1986) Download

Cobra Bargain (1988)


Conquerors' Pride (1994)

Conquerors' Heritage (1995)

Conquerors' Legacy (1996)


Dragon and Thief (2003)

Dragon and Soldier (2004)

Dragon and Slave (2005)

Dragon and Herdsman (2006)

Dragon and Judge (2007)

Dragon and Liberator (2008)


Night Train to Rigel (2005)

The Third Lynx (2007)

Odd Girl Out (2008)

The Domino Pattern (2009)

Judgment at Proteus (2012)

Cobra War

Cobra Alliance (2009)

Cobra Guardian (2011)

Cobra Gamble (2012)

Cobra Rebellion Trilogy

Cobra Slave (2013)

Manticore Ascendant (with David Weber)

A Call to Duty (2014)


A Coming of Age (1985)

Spinneret (1985)

Triplet (1987)

Deadman Switch (1988)

Warhorse (1990)

The Icarus Hunt (1999)

Angelmass (2001)

Manta's Gift (2002)

The Green and the Gray (2004)

Soulminder (2014)

Series contributed to

Star Wars : Thrawn

Heir to the Empire (1991)

Dark Force Rising (1992)

The Last Command (1993)

Star Wars

The Star Wars Trilogy (omnibus) (1994)

Star Wars Audio Collection (omnibus) (1995)

Mara Jade (1999)

Fool's Bargain (2004)

Survivor's Quest (2004)

Outbound Flight (2006)

Allegiance (2007)

Choices of One (2011)

The Essential Novels: Star Wars 10-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2012) (with Aaron Allston, James Luceno, R A Salvatore and Michael A Stackpole)

Winner Lose All (2012)

Scoundrels (2013)

Star Wars : The Hand of Thrawn

Specter of the Past (1997)

Vision of the Future (1998)

Terminator Salvation

From the Ashes (2009)

Trial by Fire (2010)

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